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November 25th, 2014 at 2:38 pm

Everyday Gratitude

unnamed (2)

At the Thanksgiving table we always list all the things we are grateful for. But after, the focus turns to Christmas and we tend to get sucked into the latest and greatest things, and become busy with shopping, parties, etc. It’s important for children to understand how lucky they are to have people who love them, clothes, food, shelter, clean water, etc., that other kids around the world might not have. Try to take some time in everyday life to keep the focus on gratitude.

Why only talk about the things you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving? Why can’t gratitude surround the table every night? Start by having each person in your family list three things they’re grateful for each day. It can be as simple as:

  • The sun is shining and we got to go outside and play.
  • Mom made my favorite brownies.
  • Its Taco Tuesday and that’s my favorite meal.
  • I got to stay in my pajamas a little later than usual.

If your kids are old enough, they can even start a journal. Take a simple notepad and decorate it with stickers, have them draw pictures and use it to write things they are thankful for. It gives them something to look back on and see what things they were most grateful for at certain times in their lives.


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November 11th, 2014 at 5:08 pm

Fun Thanksgiving Activities


Thanksgiving is a great time to do some fun crafts and activities. These ideas make nice gifts to bring to family and friends on Thanksgiving, or to have the kids do at the Thanksgiving table.

One year we made a turkey centerpiece. We filled a brown lunch bag with popcorn and stapled it shut. We then used colored construction paper to make feathers and the turkey’s head. The kids could later cut open a slit in the bag to eat the popcorn as a snack.

Lego Turkey

Paint Chip Turkey

Handprint Turkey Hat

Leaf Turkey Craft

Mayflower Craft

Handprint Turkey

Candy Corn Turkey

Paper Bag Turkey

I am Thankful Pumpkin

Paper Plate Turkey

Tissue Paper Turkey

Fun Activities for the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Word Search

Turkey Color & Number Patterns

Thanksgiving Mad-libs

Thanksgiving Bookmarks

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Conversation Cards

Thanksgiving Placemat & Activity Sheet

A Thinking Turkey Game

Thanksgiving Sudoku

Thanksgiving Jokes

Interview Questions for Grandparents

Max & Ruby Placecards & Table Labels


More Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Free Printable Activity Pages


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November 7th, 2014 at 9:14 am

Favorite Thanksgiving Books


My boys love to read books about holidays as they are approaching. Thanksgiving is a fun time to learn about tradition and the history of the holiday through sharing books. Here are some of my favorites:

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks

The Berenstein Bears Thanksgiving Blessings

The Night Before Thanksgiving

10 Fat Turkeys

Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving

Pinkalicious: Thanksgiving Helper

The Story of the Pilgrims

Fancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving Banquet

Biscuit is Thankful

The Best Thanksgiving Ever

‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

The Story of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day Thanks

This is the Turkey

Take some time this month to have some family reading time with Thanksgiving books, and discussions about the meaning of Thanksgiving and why it is a part of our history.

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November 27th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Outfit of the Week: Thanksgiving


thanksgiving outfits

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you might be wondering how you should dress your kids for the occasion. We’ll make it easy for you with these two great outfits that are perfect for the holiday. The girl’s outfit features a pink plaid skirt with a purple lettuce-edge tee and black leggings. The boy’s outfit work with fall colors and features the ribbed waistband cargo pants in khaki and a striped layered tee in brown and orange. Will YOUR little ones be wearing Garanimals this Thanksgiving? Share your outfits with us on our Facebook wall!

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November 25th, 2013 at 7:14 am

Ideas to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

thanksfiving-leftoversThanksgiving is a great time to be thankful for the bounty of food that you have. Here are some ideas to be thankful for the bounty of food you have leftover after the big meal is done.

50 Leftover Turkey Recipes

Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Turkey Pot Pie Soup

Leftover Turkey Enchiladas

Turkey Bruschetta

Turkey Tostadas 

Leftover Thanksgiving Panini

Ways to Use Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Stuffing Frittata Recipe

Or you could just eat cold turkey and stuffing out of the fridge all day long on Friday like I do.

What do you do to reinvent your Thanksgiving leftovers?

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.

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November 21st, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Nontraditional Thanksgiving Recipes




Like many holidays, Thanksgiving is usually a time of tradition…same old turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes etc. For some of you, that might get a little stale year after year and it’s nice to change things up a bit. For those of you looking for some unique recipe ideas this year, check out some of these delicious dishes!

Share your unique Thanksgiving recipes with us on our Facebook wall!

Photo Credit: Parents Magazine

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November 15th, 2013 at 6:42 am


turkey-boyI am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away. I feel like fall just started and time is going by way too fast. Dare I say that in a blink of an eye  it will be the end of the year!

In the last two years that I have blogged for Garanimals, I am truly grateful for all of you! I am also grateful for many of the same things as I posted here. The Garanimals bloggers have produced  some great Thanksgiving posts and I wanted to recap some of them here :

I love the ideas for the children’s table for Thanksgiving. There are some wonderful ideas to keep the kids busy and fun ideas to make the tablescape fun. Speaking of tablescapes, Liz recently wrote a great post on creating your Thanksgiving tablescape. I will definitely be using some of her advice. Or have your kids create the decorations.

If you are starting to think about your Thanksgiving menu, there is an app for that. Just in case you were wondering.

It is amazing how different areas of the country and heritages celebrate Thanksgiving. I am Norwegian, so our Thanksgiving table holds lefse, as my Italian friend has lasagna on hers. If you want to add some ethnicity to your Thanksgiving check out the ways to add a Latino twist.

The whole premise of Thanksgiving is based on recognizing things you are thankful of.  I posted some touching ideas for helping your kids recognize what they are thankful for. We still do a form of this today. An easy way to do this for beginners is a gratitude turkey. You can even start to make your children think about gratitude all year long.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, take some time to think about what the holiday is really about. Take the next two weeks to reflect on what you have to be thankful for and make this Thanksgiving extra special!


Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.

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November 12th, 2013 at 5:01 am

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Latino Twist

thanksgivingAlthough Thanksgiving is a quintessential American celebration, those of us who came to the United States from Latin America don’t have a problem embracing it because two of its main ingredients are of utter importance to us: family and food. Latinos love to get together with friends and family regardless of the reason. And, if there’s food involved, even better!

While I think the turkey needs to remain the main Thanksgiving dish because of what it represents, there are several things you can do in the kitchen to give the sides a Latin twist. Here are a few ideas:

Spicy mashed potatoes — Give the same old boring mashed potatoes a spicy twist by following this super easy recipe.

Green plantain turkey stuffing — Also known as mofongo stuffing, I can’t think of a better way to Latinize your Thanksgiving turkey!

Brussels sprouts with chorizo — Even if you thought you didn’t like brussels sprouts, you haven’t tried this amazing recipe!

Pomegranate sangria — Sangria is always a hit when entertaining a large group. You can make it ahead and everyone seems to like it. Give yours a twist by adding some pomegranate juice and seeds.

Squash bread pudding with rum sauce — A delicious bread pudding with nice chunks of squash and plum raisins. A Thanksgiving dessert like no other!

Make one or make them all! If you’re not hosting Thanksgiving dinner, then consider making one of these dishes to take to your hostess. They are so original and flavorful that they’ll be sure to delight!

Photo Credit: Mr. T in DC

Roxana A. Soto is the co-founder of SpanglishBaby, the go-to site for parents raising bilingual and bicultural children. She’s the co-author of her first book, based on her blog. Roxana is also a staff writer for MamásLatinas.

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November 12th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Dale un toque latino a tu cena de Acción de Gracias

thanksgivingA pesar de que el día de Acción de Gracias es una celebración estadounidense por excelencia, los que emigramos de América Latina no tenemos problema alguno en adoptarla porque dos de sus principales ingredientes son de extrema importancia para nosotros: la familia y la comida. A los latinos nos encanta reunirnos con amigos y familiares sin importar la razón. Y, si hay comida, ¡mucho mejor!

Aunque creo que el pavo debe seguir siendo el principal plato de la cena de Acción de Gracias por lo que representa, hay varias cosas que puedes hacer en la cocina para darle un toque latino a los otros platillos. Aquí te comparto algunas ideas:

Pure de papas picante — En vez de servir el mismo pure de papas simple y aburrido de todos los años, intenta esta receta para darle un poquito de picante.

Stuffing de plátano — También conocido como stuffing de mofongo. No se me ocurre una mejor manera de darle un toque latino a tu pavo de Thanksgiving que con este stuffing.

Repollitos de Bruselas con chorizo — Si creías que no te gustaban los repollitos de Bruselas con chorizo es porque no los habías probado con chorizo en esta increíble receta.

Sangria con granada — La sangria siempre es un éxito rotundo cuando tienes una fiesta. Es fácil de hacer, la puedes dejar lista con anticipación y a casi todo el mundo le gusta. Cambia tu receta un poco añadiendo jugo y semillas de granada.

Pudín de pan con calabacita y ron — Una riquísima receta de pudín de pan con pedazos de calabacita y pasas. Un postre de Thanksgiving como ningún otro.

Photo Credit: Mr. T in DC

Roxana A. Soto es cofundadora de SpanglishBaby, el sitio en línea para padres que están criando niños bilingües y biculturales. Actualmente está escribiendo su primer libro, basado en su blog, que será publicado en septiembre. Roxana también es redactora de MamásLatinas.

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November 7th, 2013 at 1:26 pm

Thanksgiving Tablescapes


thanksgiving tablescape

One thing I always noticed growing up was how beautiful the dining table looked on holidays. Every year, to this day, my mother slaves away cooking a delicious holiday meal for our large immediate family of 22 people, and every detail is perfection. The picture above is from last Thanksgiving (sorry it’s a little blurry, I was in a rush to get to the food!)… simple, classic, and decorated with care. Here are a few elements to consider if you’re entertaining this Thanksgiving and want to impress your guests with a beautiful tablescape. You can find these great ideas and more on our Thanksgiving Pinterest Board.

  • Centerpiece(s)

Last year it was a pair of pilgrims, the year before it was a plentiful cornucopia…the possibilities are endless. Decorate with pumpkins, gourds, leaves, bittersweet, acorns, pinecones, mums and more. The centerpiece is the main focus of the table, so this is where you really want to get creative and make a statement.

  • Color

Play up the beautiful fall colors any way you can: yellow, orange, red, and brown are nicely accented by pops of metallic gold. Even simple china and silverware can be dressed up with a colorful tablecloth, napkins and chargers.

  • Place Cards

These are optional, but can be a nice touch of decoration. My favorite idea is the mini pumpkins with name tags attached to the stems. Real leaves in vibrant colors are also another great option. You can even get your kids involved by having them help you make these from construction paper…just give them pre-cut pieces in the shape of whatever you like (pumpkin, leaf, turkey, etc.) and have them color them or write people’s names if they are old enough.

  • Small Details

The little details count! Napkin rings, candles, salt and pepper shakers…these are just some additional pieces that help bring your theme together.


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