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March 22nd, 2011 at 1:00 am

Tech Tips Tuesday – Tip No. 1

How much time during the day do you have to gather your online information? Not much, I know. Getting a shower in is a major accomplishment. Surfing the web is hardly possible.

If you’re a news and blog fan like me, you’ll find a dashboard application (like iGoogle or NetVibes) really useful.  These sites enable you to gather feeds from all of your favorite sites on one page. News, weather, blogs, email, horoscopes, games and all sorts of useful and fun stuff can be added to the page.

The beauty of a dashboard? Give it 5 minutes or less of your attention and you can quickly catch up on your world, however you’ve defined it. I go to my iGoogle page several times a day just to see what’s going on without having to go fetch it. World and local news headlines, quote of the day, weather and my favorite blogs are just a click away and they’re updated constantly. I made it a permanent tab in my browser.

Yes, you’ll find that a recurring theme in this blog will be that something that can be delivered is highly preferable to something that I have to seek.

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