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March 25th, 2014 at 8:03 am

A Few Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Gadgets


Are your phone and keyboard starting to look a little icky? Ever wish you could just run them through the wash? I’d rather not think  about just how dirty and germy our devices get. Ew. Obviously we can’t hose them down with bleach and disinfectant, so here’s a few safer ways to get and keep your gadgets a little bit cleaner.

The best tool for starters is a can of compressed air to clean out the crumbs between keys and blow off dust. Another option is to keep a small paintbrush handy to do the job. And for your screens, the simplest way to clean it is a lint free cloth slightly dampened with water (distilled if you have it). Q-tips dampened with a 50-50 mix of alcohol and distilled water gives you a little more cleaning power and help remove the sticky stuff.

Taking it to the next level, there are products available that are specific to some of these tasks. CyberClean  is a cool putty-like product that dirt, dust and germs stick to as you dab it on your device.

Some other products out there include a Roomba-like vacuum that rides over your device and picks up the dirt and germs. There are also various wipes, brushes, suction devices and cleaning solutions. Here’s Mashable’s rundown of some of the more interesting ones.

And to keep your iPhone or iPad clean every  time you store them, try the NueVue device cases that have built-in anti-microbial protection.

A clean device is a happy device. Regularly wiping and blowing out of debris is a good practice. But be careful with vacuum cleaners – they can suck the keys right off your keyboard. Ask my Fn key.

You can also find Paula on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter @techsmart319. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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March 21st, 2014 at 8:00 am

Tackling Spring Cleaning with a Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

The is no better feeling then going through spring and starting summer with a clean, organized and simplified home. My first act of business is making a list. Lucky for you, I have a printable for you that contains a checklist of all the important items to tackle when doing spring cleaning.

How do I use the checklist to tackle my spring cleaning?

First, I gather all my cleaning supplies. Whether you use a tote, bucket or basket, gather all the needed supplies together and you are ready to go. Yesterday Liz wrote a great post that details recipes to make your own cleaning supplies. I also like to gather microfiber cloths for dusting, a wet rag, and paper toweling. Remember to also print out your checklist and have a writing utensil ready to go.

I then work my way down the list room by room. As I go through each room I like to note of details – do the walls need painting, does something need replacing, or do we maybe need to change up some decor? This is a great place to keep track of the items as you notice them. Also, I like to carry two boxes with me. One is to put things I need to get rid of and the other is for things that belong elsewhere. Some people like to sort the “get rid of” box into donate or trash right away, but I usually wait till I finish each room. As I finish each room I empty my boxes and exchange any cleaning supplies that are needed.

Some people tackle spring cleaning in a weekend, but that is way too much cleaning for me to do all at the same time, as it is not my favorite chore. I usually tackle a of couple areas a week and complete my entire home over the period of a month.

How do you tackle your Spring Cleaning?

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.



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February 25th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Spring Cleaning is right around the Corner

The end of February is nearing so Spring is right around the corner… hopefully!

I like to start my Spring Cleaning in March, because I know once the snow starts to melt and the days get warmer I like to spend more time outside.

First, I collect supplies for the job. Here is a basic list:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Dusting spray or furniture polish
  • Trash bags
  • Baking soda
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Sponges and scrubbers
  • Vinegar
  • Paper towels
  • Gloves
  • Glass cleaner
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop or other floor cleaner
  • Containers marked ‘Donate’ and ‘Sell’

Feel free to use your favorite store bought or homemade cleaner; whichever will help you get the job done is the best!

Once you have this done, it’s time to make your list of what needs to be done and where it needs to be done. I consult my favorite cleaning/organizing experts on the web for lists. My favorites include: Organized HomeLil Blue Boo, and She Knows. I print these out and pick out the items that apply to my house, then I customize them. For this I go around room by room and write things that need to be done. Here are some examples of special tasks that need to be done in my house this spring:

Boys Room

  • Paint Walls and Ceiling
  • Change all hangers from little to big
  • Sort through books



  • Price items to sell at consignment sale
  • Sort through old toys
  • Organize and rearrange books

These are only a few of the items I want to tackle this spring. It is going to be a busy time, but the end result is a huge payout. While spring cleaning I also want to do some major decluttering! I’ve hit that time of life when I really need to simplify. There is a great series on A Bowl Full of Lemons that goes through things to think about when organizing and decluttering each room. I see a lot of trips to Goodwill in my future!

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.


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March 21st, 2011 at 1:00 am

Changing of the Clothes

As spring approaches I am thinking about one thing:

Cleaning out my boys closets.

I dread this task every Spring and Fall. It does bring the fun task of shopping with it, but getting to that point takes so much work.

First, I have to take everything out of the closets and drawers and decide it it even fits. My boys have always had growing spurts in January and February. This has me crossing my fingers that we can pull off the clothes we already have until the warmer weather hits.

Plus, my boys want nothing to do with trying on clothes. So, I have to make good choices about what clothes we will actually try.

Second, I have to pack away the clothes that we no longer need or don’t fit. I never am ready for this task like I should be. If I were organized I would have totes ready to go and labeled. Typically I am throwing stuff in extra laundry baskets until I buy some more totes at the store.

Third, I have to make tough choices. How many winter items should I leave out? Will my youngest son fit in a new size of clothes which means I need to find that tote in the basement? Then I need to wash all the packed away clothes. Did I mention that laundry isn’t my favorite household chore?

The final step is deciding what needs to be purchased for the new season. This is the start of the fun part!  My oldest son is easy – whatever doesn’t fit he needs new stuff. There is nothing to be passed down. The younger one is a little trickier; navigating passed down clothes, current clothes, and some updated clothing.

Wish me luck….. I am going to be up to my ears in boys clothing for the next week. That does mean one thing though, after a long winter, Spring is finally on its way!

Kim Ross also writes at A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.



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