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January 10th, 2014 at 5:00 am

What I’ve Learned NOT to post on Facebook

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 7.26.22 PMI have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love keeping up with people I don’t talk to regularly. What is better than watching their kids grow up, reading about the latest hotspot in town, or being able to ask a question about the latest product?

I surely love being able to follow and converse with brands when I have a question about their product. There is a huge upside to Facebook when involved in charities and causes. The love piece does outweigh the hate, but the following are a few things we should think about before posting.

Some Facebook don’ts and downfalls:

  • The times that I get sucked into staring at the screen; mesmerized by anything and everything I see in there.
  • The things people post that they shouldn’t (Trust me, I’ve done some of these and learned from it).
  • Public disagreements especially those involving your political views.
  • Photos of what you have had for dinner every night – these belong on a food blog. Believe me, your friends are tired of constantly seeing posts of your dinner plate, no matter how delicious you think it looks.
  • That you have left on vacation…that old friend from High School could be a criminal in waiting.
  • Complaints about school, work, or people who aren’t your Facebook friends. Someone who is your friend may “like” or comment on your post which then appears on a strangers feed.
  • Drunken posts. especially ones that make  absolutely NO sense.

Facebook is a very tricky world to navigate filled with hurt feelings, fights, and more. If only we had been taught how to navigate the cyberworld.

What do you dislike seeing on Facebook?

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.

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February 3rd, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Mom Blogging: The Fine Art of Sharing


Mom blogging. We hear this term almost every day. Most often there are discussions about the buying power of mom. She runs the house, makes the purchase decisions and tells all her friends and networks about products she loves as well as ones she does not respect.

So many have gotten caught up in the brand benefit of marketing to moms that the real essence of this community has been diluted for its desire to be an industry. Sure the business piece is wonderful because of the freedom it has given so many to create home-based businesses. But what really sits at the core of mom blogging is the way women share; both joys and hardships. Just like the playgroups and neighborhood friends of the past would hold us up when we needed support, now the online community does this in a magnified version of these communities. Think about how often the first place you go in both good times and bad is your facebook page.

We have seen this often; in times of crisis women have come to  aid and support other moms. They help them through and give them hope. Social media has literally changed the way we deal with personal crisis.

Why, you ask, is this post sitting on Fashion Friday and where is Audrey and all those cute little red items she is telling us to wear for Valentines Day? This week Audrey suffered a family crisis. As many mom bloggers with strong followings do, she bravely did this in realtime – on facebook, her blog and twitter. Some who prefer to be more private do not understand why anyone would choose to expose their pain this way. Those who have lived in the online community and blurred the lines of work and family understand. Audrey did it because this community is like her family. They have been there to cheer her on for her successes; and there have been many. Now they are here for her in her time of need. They have proven her right in a big way. The outpouring of support has been monumental.

This, dear friends, is the Fine Art of Sharing; and why mom blogging has given so much more to enhance and support its own than any industry in history.

Wishing Audrey and her family a speedy return to life as they know it.

– Amy Zimmerman, Garanimals Blog Editor

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