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October 30th, 2013 at 10:18 am

Outfit of the Week: Halloween Style



Halloween is TOMORROW! Looking for an affordable last-minute costume? Nothing is cooler than a ROCKSTAR, and we have tons of options in this season’s collection for your little one to rock out in. Start with our black denim woven cargo pants and pair it with either the red skull printed hangdown tee or the orange guitar graphic tee. Add a bandana to make them “bad to the bone.” ¬†Choose an inflatable guitar, a microphone or some drumsticks, whichever your child prefers. Spike their hair, and throw on some light eyeliner and cuff bracelets if you really want to finish the look.

You can find EVERYTHING you need for this costume at by clicking the links below!

Garanimals Red skull Printed Hangdown Tee

Garanimals Orange Guitar Graphic Tee

Garanimals Black Denim Cargo Pant

Inflatable Guitar


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