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April 19th, 2011 at 5:30 am

So Much to Read – Never Enough Time

When I was upgrading my browser to Firefox 4, I stumbled upon an add-on that I’ve grown very fond of called Read it Later. As I’ve mentioned, I am a serious tab user and as I’m browsing, doing my work, taking care of business at home, or just going through all my email, I find myself clicking on links with interesting topics, but running out of time to read them all.

What happens is I end up with way too many tabs open. It’s great that I can do this, but I end up keeping them open, thinking I’ll get back to them shortly. Too often I don’t. I can always bookmark them, but as it is I’ve got way too many of those already.

How to deal with all the clutter? Read it Later to the rescue. This add-on allows me to simply click on the arrow-shaped button on my address bar and it saves the link in a list, out of the way of the active tabs. When I have the time, I can just click on the drop-down to see the links I’ve set aside, and read them at my leisure. And if I select the option to make them available offline, it downloads the text only version that I can read without even having an internet connection.

And the best part? You can download the Read it Later app for your android, iphone, ipod or ipad and sync your list from your pc to your mobile device. Imagine, any time you have some time to kill (yes, I know, that’s a fine thought), you can catch up on your saved web reading list, from whichever device you have at hand.

Get Read it Later add-on for Firefox here
Get Read it Later for your Android ($.99) at the App Market on your phone
Get Read it Later for iphone/ipod/Ipad at itunes. There’s a free version and a Pro version ($2.99)

And for those of you who do not use Firefox, unfortunately there’s no add-ons for the other browsers yet. However, once you create a list in Firefox, you can access it from any browser by logging in at the ReadItLaterList website.

I’ll never actually catch up on my reading list, but it sure is nice to have it all easily available when I have a few extra minutes to make the attempt.

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