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May 24th, 2011 at 5:00 am

What’s a QR Code?

Have you noticed the funny looking square codes like the one here, showing up all over the place? Have you used them?

These codes are QR (Quick Response) Codes and are the next generation of a bar code. A traditional bar code is a product number that has information attached to it but it resides somewhere else. If you don’t have access to it, then the bar code is just a number. The QR graphic holds more information, like text, URL, geographic, contact, and other information that you can access just by scanning it.

I attended the National Restaurant Association trade show this weekend and some of the vendors used these codes on promotional materials. By scanning them with my phone I could click on a link to their website and sign up to win a prize or read about a special promotion. A QR code was printed on my entry badge so vendors could use hand held scanners to capture my registration information electronically. Quick, easy, painless.

Next time you fly, notice the QR code on your paper or mobile boarding pass. This is what gets scanned when you check in.

Another popular application for this is putting a QR code on a business card. When someone scans the code, they can easily collect and save all of the contact information in their contacts app or link to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media site.

So how do you scan them with your phone? There are apps for that. Google Goggles, QR Droid, QR Reader for iPhone and QR Code Scanner Pro for Blackberry. Download them from your app market and give it a try. Start the app, point your phone at the QR code image and it will either show you the relevant information or give you a link to click on to visit a web page.

So next time you see a QR code in a magazine or on a product, scan it with your phone and see what shows up. Better yet, scan the QR code above and click through to the Garanimals Facebook page. And while you’re there, Like us and help us get to 1000 fans!

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