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December 3rd, 2012 at 9:26 am

The Special Times

Do you ever plan elaborate events or gifts so your children will remember a special time? Our lives are so busy sometimes we go to extraordinary measures to make our children happy. I’ve done this. The year my son asked for a robot the week before Christmas I ran all over and bought a large robot dinosaur to make everything perfect. He saw a different gift under the tree Christmas morning and barely paid attention to the dinosaur.

As my children grow older, I find that it is the little things that they remember most. Recently I asked them what their favorite Christmas activity is. Now, our Christmas season is filled with concerts, exhibitions, and other special events. We barely have a night to ourselves. Both of them replied that their favorite event is when we drive around and look at christmas lights. This tradition costs only gas money. We always did it, but I never would have thought it is their favorite.

In the past, their favorite gift was a simple nutcracker that they receive every year. Not the bike, wagon, train set, or electronic item. They now receive one every year, and treasure them. This simple item that I added to the list one year will be part of their lives for years to come. It might be the special pajamas, the special elf that visits your house, or the time you spend decorating special Christmas cookies.

This year, we are trying to simplify the holiday, so there has been many more questions from me as to favorites- traditions, cookies to make, and presents you received. I have found through their answers that it doesn’t take a lot to make “Special” memories during your child’s life and especially during the holidays.

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.


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