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July 27th, 2012 at 7:18 am

Best Trends for the Fall for Expectant Mamas

Everyone seems to be expecting right now, everywhere I turn, there’s a gorgeous, beautiful belly!

My sister-in-law just had a baby, and I had so much fun helping her find some maternity clothes throughout her pregnancy. I have to be honest with you, I was one of those pregnant mamas, who LOVED dressing up. I absolutely loved wearing maternity clothes and really taking in the top fashion trends (at that time) and making them work for my belly. I know not everyone pregnant mama loves embracing the bigger clothes, but it’s something that just needs to be done… especially as the belly grows!

I was just shopping last week with a friend of mine who is about 5 months pregnant for some work clothes. She officially cannot pretend she’s not pregnant anymore and needed to find some new clothes to make the next 4 months a little more comfortable. I couldn’t get over the AMAZINGNESS of the maternity clothing for Fall 2012. For me, it was like being a kid in a candy shop, the clothing was beautiful!

So what are the best trends for expectant moms this Fall?

I’m going to share 5 of my absolutely favorite and ones that I feel ANY pregnant mama can pull off!


It’s funny, I always used to tell people to stay away from stripes if you’re pregnant because I thought it used to make you look bigger! Well… I was wrong! They’re hot hot hot this Fall. I am just loving the colorful stripe sets that I’m seeing. You can wear stripes with anything… skirts, jeans, sweats, trousers, you name it! It’s a great way to feel trendy this Fall and I love that there are so many different options in the stripe department!

2) Colorblocking

Just how colorblocking has been trendy all spring and summer, it’s staying this Fall! Personally I love seeing how this trend has been adapted to maternity clothing. There are a ton of different colorblocking trends right now for maternity, but I’m really leaning towards sweaters to make this work. I absolutely love the trend and LOVE seeing it with a beautiful belly, too!

3) Pink!

Oh, yes… and if you’re having a GIRL, even better! Pink is a very trendy color this Fall. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it’s fabulous. Colors are very important this Fall, it’s a great way to make sure you’re really staying on-trend. I love the color Pink (even with 4 boys!), and I love seeing it such a hot color!

4) Embellishments

This is such a hot trend for girls right now, so I love seeing this for the “mamas” too! Embellishments on tops… sequins, bows and ruffles are so trendy right now! I love seeing these delicate touches on clothing. It adds such a fun PIZAZZ component!

5) Leggings

Love a good legging! And I LOVE seeing them back in action right now! When I had my son Alexander, all I wore was leggings. I am so happy to see that they’re trending again and even with some added touches… like the piping on the side of these!

Audrey McClelland can also be found at, Lifetime Beauty/Style, and She is also the co-author of The Digital Mom Handbook.

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