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September 27th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Less Mail? All Accounts in One Place? Sign Me Up With Manilla!

How would you like to reduce your mail, eliminate paper bills, and be able to monitor your credit card accounts, travel points, subscriptions and utility bills on one site? Manilla offers you a very simple way to do just that.

This service gives you a place where you can organize your accounts on a single web page so that you can see your phone bill, credit card balances, airline points, and magazine expiration dates just by logging in.

Not only can you see your account info, you can arrange reminders, view your bills and even pay them via the site. The service is available via website, and as an Manilla iphone/ipad or Android app.

It’s free and really easy to set up. Sign up for an account (remember to use a good strong password) at the Manilla website and start adding accounts for the banks, travel sites, magazines and household utilities that you use. They even give you access to your daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, so you can be sure that you never miss an expiration date on your coupons. And don’t forget your Netflix account.

Not every vendor has a presence here yet, but they are constantly updating the list, so as the site gains popularity, you’ll see more of yours. And if you don’t see a vendor on the list, do a search and see if it comes up. I found a few more by doing this.

At first, I thought this wasn’t really for me. I already use online bill pay with my bank, manage my finances with Quicken, and have already significantly reduced the amount of paper bills I receive by mail. However, once I tried it, I realized how convenient it is to have one sign-in and see balances for 20 different accounts on one page.

Oh yes, this is definitely for me. How about you?

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