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October 24th, 2012 at 1:10 pm

The Love of Reading


One of my most vivid memories from childhood is going to the local library with my dad, where I could choose as many books as I wanted for that week. Sometimes I would choose something new, such as a “how to draw” book, while other times I would want to re-read my favorite collections of Peanuts comics. It didn’t matter to Dad what I wanted to take home – as long as I was reading and enjoying it, it didn’t matter if I wanted to read a chapter book or a comic book.

To this day, I love to read and I want to pass that love along to my children. The library is the easiest way to do this – the books are free and I can check out as many as my children can read, or I can read to them, in 14-28 days.

This weekend, take a walk down to your local library and have everybody pick out a book they’d like to read (or have read to them). Your little one will love the children’s section, where books are stocked especially for them.  Remember, there is no such thing as “bad reading” – as long as your child is enjoying a book and getting a positive experience from it, it doesn’t matter what they read.  Help them find a book about something that interests them, whether it’s sports, animals or outer space. You might even help them choose a book with easy craft ideas or a children’s cookbook and do the activities with your child at home.

All you need to check out books is a library card. Don’t have one? Just go to the check-out desk to obtain one – they’re free! All you need is proof of residence in your county, so bring a piece of mail or something with your name and address on it.

But wait!  Libraries are no longer just buildings filled with books! Many now offer activities for young ones during the week. If you have a child who is a year or younger, you may be able to attend workshops designed to enhance your baby’s development with games, nursery rhymes and music.  If you have a slightly older toddler, take them to story hour. Not only will your little ones be exposed to language-building skills, you will be bonding with them as well. Have fun and happy reading!

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