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May 3rd, 2011 at 5:00 am

My Favorite Web Keyboard Shortcuts

I was thinking about how much time I spend on the computer. It’s a lot. But most of it is work related, so I have an excuse. It’s not like I’m addicted or anything, right? I mean I do like to do other things, it’s just that so much of my life is technology related.

Now you, my readers, I’m not sure about. Hopefully it’s time well spent, like reading the Garanimals blog (shameless plug), perhaps work of your own or catching up with friends and taking care of important things efficiently so you have extra time with family and for yourself.

What I’d like to share this week are a few of the tips that I’ve discovered that really are worth incorporating into your online time. I’ve watched a lot of people at their keyboards and from what I’ve seen, I think there are a lot of extra movements and steps that aren’t necessary if you know how to avoid them. Here are my faves.

The Spacebar/ Scroll – when you’re online, reading our blog or your Facebook news feed you often have to scroll down the page to keep reading. My favorite tip ever is the ability to just hit the Spacebar to move down one page. And if you want to go back up, hold down the Shift key and hit the Spacebar. Go ahead, try them both out now.

The Tab Key/Move to Next – filling out forms online requires moving from field to field. Everything from logging in to signing up for anything requires multiple bits of info. Try using the Tab key to move from field to field instead of reaching for your mouse. And like the scrolling tip above, holding the Shift key and then Tab brings you back to the previous field.

Enter Key on a PC – Return Key on a Mac/OK – so you’re done filling out the fields using the tab key to navigate and you’re ready to grab the mouse and click on the ok button? Don’t. Just hit the Enter key on a PC or the Return key on a Mac. Try it next time you log into a website or your email.

F5 on a PC – Command – R on a Mac/ Refresh – if you’re like me you move around alot between tabs. And when you go back to a tab, you often need to refresh the page to get any updates or newer mail. Instead of going up next to the address bar to click on the Refresh command, Click on the F5 key on a PC (F-keys are across the top of your keyboard) or hold down the Command key and tap the R key on a Mac, and your page reloads.

CTRL – T on a PC – Command – T on a Mac /New Tab - when you need to open a new tab, you can either click on the New Tab box at the top of your window, or hold down the CTRL key and tap the T key to do the same on a PC or Command key and T key on a Mac. And when you do, notice that your cursor is in the Address bar and waiting for you to type in your URL. Quick and easy.

If you’ve been reading my posts you’re probably beginning to recognize my preference for keyboard shortcuts, minimizing wasted hand movements. We’ve become so dependent on the mouse or the touchpad to move around the screen that you may not realize that you can avoid taking your hands off the keyboard for many often-repeated tasks. Getting familiar with even one of these tips will save you some time and make it easier to navigate.

And who knows, over the course of a lifetime, all that time saved might actually add up to something. More time to play!

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