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July 31st, 2012 at 5:00 am

Free Educational, Fun, and Entertaining iPad Apps For Toddlers

Isn’t it amazing how quickly toddlers take to our gadgets? They’re naturals, especially with the iPad. Give them a few minutes to get them started and they’re off and running.

With all of the many thousands of apps available, there is something for everyone, at every age, and almost every need. To help your little ones started with some excellent app choices, I’ve put together a list of 5 educational apps, 5 that are more fun and games, and 5 apps that are just pure entertainment.

Best of all they are all free. And some of them you might enjoy yourself!

To start, you must check out our very own Garanimals app, Learn, Play, Share. We put a lot of love into creating this one, so please enjoy.

Educational Apps

  • Memory! - Classic memory game with vivid colors and 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Little Stars – Earn stickers and points for correctly answering the recorded questions by choosing the right picture.
  • Amazing Shape Puzzle – This app is full of puzzles that have sound effects and word learning features.
  • Mini Adventures – Let’s Go and Learn the Alphabet – Children learn letter and word recognition using high quality photos and videos.
  • Phone for Kids – An fun activity center that lets your child explore keypads for phones, texting and typing, as well as colors and seasons.

Fun and Games

  • Squiggles! – Draw squiggly lines and watch the characters move. Make your own pictures and watch them animate. Fun.
  • Magic Fingers Lite – A wonderful app that lets you make gorgeous moving patterns set to music. It’s mesmerizing.
  • Kids Doodle – Movie Your Drawings – Create a drawing with a variety of brush styles and watch the app play back its creation.
  • I Hear Ewe – Touch the animal or vehicle and hear the sound they make.
  • Bubble Popper – Pop the colored bubbles with your fingers and score points. This one is addictive.

Silly and Simple Pleasures

  • Talking Tom 2 – Let the talking cat repeat what you say in a silly voice.
  • Bubble Popper – Not the same as Bubble Popper game above. This one is virtual bubble wrap. Enough said.
  • Fireworks Toy – Touch the screen with your finger and watch the fireworks. Touch with multiple fingers and light up the sky.
  • Heatpad Lite – Run your fingers over your display and see the heat paths.
  • Falling Stars – I love this app. Draw vines to catch the falling stars and make beautiful music.

I’m pretty sure your toddlers will enjoy these. I hope you do too.

You can also find Paula on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter @techsmart319. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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September 20th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Online Shopping Just Got Better

Don’t you just love finding a bargain? I know I do. But a lot of the real bargains require serious attention to sales and special offers, which means a lot of time in stores. That’s something I don’t love or have much time for. Except for the occasional stroll through my favorite discount stores, I’m not usually in a store unless I’m there for something specific. And with my timing, I’m often there the day after the coupon expires.

Except for clothes, which I prefer to try on, I do a serious amount of online shopping. I’ve been a faithful Peapod shopper for years and would never go back to in-store grocery shopping. If only Trader Joe’s and Costco would offer online shopping and delivery. That would make me SO happy.  Are you reading this Trader Joe’s??

I also rely heavily on Amazon. Books, music, electronics, health and beauty products and even coffee, are some of the items I’ve ordered recently. I could never get my holiday gift giving done without it.

So I’m always interested in better online shopping solutions. Two new apps came to my attention that I think are worth sharing. Google (yes, Google again) recently released an  ipad app called Google Catalogs (go figure, Android has to wait) which allows you to subscribe to electronic versions of lots of retail catalogs and look books and browse them in the comfort of your most comfortable chair. I downloaded it today and had a great time checking out some catalogs that I don’t normally get.

Some of the app’s features include making favorites of your preferred catalogs, ordering products directly from the app, or finding the nearest retail store which sells it. It even let’s me know the hours that the store is open today. How handy is that? But the real bonus is the ability to search across multiple catalogs for a particular item. That’s what I call power shopping!

Now catalog shopping on my ipad is great in an of itself, but to make it that much more satisfying, try out Coupon Sherpa. It’s available online at and as an iphone app. (Android and Blackberry apps are on the way). Here’s a one-stop app for finding coupons for the stores you are going to shop (online included). Never hit the checkout without checking here first.

So whether you’re shopping at the mall or from your couch, these two apps can help you get the job done.

Thank you Pure Wow for alerting me to Google Catalogs and to Digitwirl for the heads up on Coupon Sherpa. These will both come in really handy.

You can also find Paula on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter @techsmart319. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.


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May 10th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Name That Tune

You know how when you’re driving along in the car listening to the radio and a really great song comes on that you’ve never heard? You wait for the dj to come back on an announce the name of the song and the artist, and very often, you either miss it or you’re out of the car when they actually do. Don’t you hate that?

Well, I’ve found a really nifty new smartphone app that solves this problem  nicely. It’s called Shazam and to use it all you have to do is initiate the app, hold your phone up near the speaker and let Shazam search the database to match the song. The result is the title, artist, album name, genre and record label. It even gives you the option to download the song from Amazon or share it on a social networking site. I just love that.

The app is free and you can get it for most phones and the ipad. Download it here.

On car drives, our family likes to play “Name that Tune” and see who can come up with the right answer fastest. A lot of times we’re stumped by either the song title or the artist. My husband and I tested it out last week on a funky oldie that came on. The song was immediately recognizable as “Palisades Park” but neither of us had any idea who the artist was. With a little help from Shazam, we quickly found out that it was Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon. What a hoot!

Unfortunately it won’t recognize your rendition of the song. I tried singing into my phone but no luck.

Don’t you just love having information at your fingertips? Our family is going to have a lot of fun with this one.

You can also find Paula on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter @techsmart319. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.


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