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May 7th, 2013 at 10:51 am

A Few Apps You Might Have Missed

I’m always amazed at how many apps and websites come along that bring so much technology right into our hands. Keeping up with all this innovation is nearly impossible. Here’s a few cool ones that I think are worth sharing.

How important is the weather in your day? Some days, watching the forecast on the morning news is enough to inform you of how to dress or whether to grab the umbrella. Other times, you need to know with a little more precision whether that scattered shower will affect your afternoon activities. Try Nooly and get the forecast down to the 5 minute increment and know when the rain will start and when it will end. Cool!

Ever wonder how to do the One Hand Clap? Check out Snapguide for quick videos and instructions on how to do that and all sorts of things like how to brush your dog’s teeth, take someone’s blood pressure, or take a proper nap in the car. Good things to know!

Have a few gift cards lying around? Find yourself in the store and realize your card is at home? Try Gyft, a new app that lets you upload and store gift card info on your phone so they’re handy when you need them, without having to carry them around. You can also buy, send and receive them with this app. That’s pretty handy.

Hope these help make you spring more organized. Enjoy!

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