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August 30th, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Boo Hoo or Woo Hoo ~ The Tale of a Mom’s First Day of Kindergarten

This week my youngest son started Kindergarten. I didn’t know how it would go.

With my first born I cried and was sad, but being a stay at home mom I had spent day after day with him. It was weird being home with only one for a whole day. I didn’t know what he would encounter at school and worried that he might be hungry or scared.

After the first day, he came out of school and said “This was the best day ever!” Each day got easier for me as I saw how much he enjoyed school and was so proud of the things he brought home.

This week, when my youngest started school, I thought it would be easy. He is more confident and adventurous than my first born. The night before Kindergarten I read the story The Night Before Kindergarten to him and I started to get teary-eyed. My role as a stay at home mom was changing. From 8-3 it would only be me at home and my boys would be learning about the world from their teachers. I worried that my youngest might make wrong choices in his actions, whether he would interrupt the teacher or have a crying fit. (He has a personality all his own)

The next morning we took pictures, got all dressed with our new backpacks, and we were off. The school held a Boo-Hoo Breakfast where the moms and dad would get to say good-bye to their kids before they would go to their class. It involved the story The Kissing Hand and some information about their day. There were hugs and kisses and they marched upstairs. I got a quick hug and a see you later!, just like I thought. Even though my husband was home, it was quiet – eerily quiet – something that I am still getting used to several days later. At the end of the day I saw his smiling face exiting the school and his first comment was “I Love Kindergarten!”

I have to admit I think about the boys when they are gone at school, wondering if schoolmates are being nice to them, if they are having a good day, and what neat things they are doing. It’s hard growing up, isn’t it? Even for parent!

If you want to use the same fun First Day signs from my picture above you can find them here.

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.

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August 13th, 2012 at 11:43 am

Learning to Let Go

As the van door shut I tried my hardest to hold back the tears. My oldest was going with my husband to Cub Scout Camp for 71 hours. I had not been away from Ian for that long since he was 9 months old. I knew he was going to have so much fun.  As they drove away, I saw Ian dry a few tears, but I knew he’d be fine. The funny thing is – I didn’t even think that his leaving would affect me; I was really going to miss him.

As time went by I wondered what he was doing, if he was having fun, did they forget anything, and even did they make it there safe. In the age of iPhones I did not understand why I hadn’t heard from my husband. My mind raced until late afternoon when I received the above picture. I saw Ian’s face and knew everything was really good. That night I received a call and it felt so strange to talk to my little boy on the phone.

The next couple days I received a couple more photos and a phone call every evening. I could not wait for that phone to ring each night and hear a bit about his adventures of the day. As the days went on, I did a lot of soul searching. What happened to the little boy that needed 10 hugs before I ran to the store at night without him?

He definitely has grown up a lot this summer and there will only be more of this as he gets older each year.I will probably be a mess as this occurs, but I know that I need to let go……’s just not as easy as I thought.

Want to see more pictures of the fun Ian had at camp?

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.


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April 18th, 2011 at 5:30 am

Sometimes our Kids Grow Up

My oldest son Ian is nearing the end of his Kindergarten year and has learned SO much. He now can tie his shoes, read by himself, write full sentences, add money,  and even correct me when I might write something wrong. It is so exciting to see him learning and growing so much in one year!

Except for one thing……..

My husband and I sometimes converse about things that may happen at school or something involving our kids. We change the names and have “code names” for people so our kids don’t know who we are talking about. Then we S-P-E-L-L out important words that may still catch the kids ears. They have no idea what or who we are talking about and it works well.

It’s happened…….

I’ve been dreading this day…….

Ian can Spell.

It’s over……

My husband and I were having a discussion about whether to go out for I-C-E–C-R-E-A-M. I could tell Ian was listening in (I swear his ears turn like little radar) and a minute after I spelled the word he looked at me and said “Ice Cream?” It was one of those moments where I said “Good Job!” and looked at my husband like – What are we going to do now?

I chalked that one up to “Ice” being an easy word and maybe with the context of the conversation he figured it out. But, then it happened again on another night. We were having another conversation about kids on the S-L-I-D-E. It didn’t even take more than a couple seconds and he figured it out.

The gigs up……

I guess conversation time will be after the kids are in bed.

What things are you NOT looking forward to as your little ones grow up?

Kim Ross also writes at A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.



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