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October 18th, 2012 at 5:00 am

A Halloween Costume Your Little Boy can Wear All Season


Halloween surely tests the limits of the monthly budget. We have been wracking our brains trying to think of ways to save money and still have a great halloween costume. Kim wrote about how her mom used to make her costumes, and that is one way. But sometimes the cost of crafting supplies is more than the cost of a store bought costume.

Last week we wrote about girl’s costumes you can make from Garanimals outfits and then wear all season. This week we are featuring an option for your little guys.

The football player is a classic costume. How many little quarterbacks do you see wandering around on the Halloween? It is an easy costume for moms and the boys love it. There is something about a little guy putting on a helmet that makes him so happy. Garanimals shirts can be paired with any of the athletic pants to make a multitude of sports uniforms. Add in a little face paint and a helmet that you have from a sibling or you can pick one up that you can reuse when your son is ready to play.

And the best part? You have a great outfit for the rest of the season. 

Any other outfits that you can see as costumes?

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