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May 6th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Dropping Hints for Mothers Day – The Hi-Tech Edition

Do you get appliances every year for Mothers Day? Even though a new toaster is nice, it isn’t exactly what we were wishing for year after year. You may hope for a beautiful piece of jewelry, handmade picture from your little ones, or even a certain plant for your outdoor landscape. How do you “hint” around, especially when your kids are too little to drop some hints?

Gone are the days of magazine pictures conveniently stuffed for your partner to see or even things circled in the weekly store ads, there are some great tools that you can keep a “Wish List” throughout the year!

Pinterest – Make a Pinterest board. So easy and visual for anyone you share it with. You can see mine here!

Evernote or Springpad – Collect ideas or even write a list and save as a note. Write down stores you find items at, take pictures, and even put the aisle number. It can’t get easier!

Store Wish Lists – Many stores have ways to register and create your own wish list.

Web Sites or Smart Phone Apps – The lists you make at the end of the year for your children can be used just as easily for you!

All of these options will make that blender a thing of the past… you just have to remember to send a link or message to remind them to check it!!

By the way… to my husband, if you are reading this… be sure to check out my Evernote Notebook labeled Kim’s Wish List or my Pinterest Board. HINT HINT!

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.

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August 9th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Evernote – Finally, a Way to Reduce the Clutter

Being a mom, a wife, running a business and a life is hard work. We are inundated with stuff. Mail, information, schedules, recipes, photos, ideas, receipts, numbers and so much more. It’s a HUGE challenge to stay on top of it and maintain some sort of organization.

I have folders with clippings and documents. I have piles on my desk, on the coffee table, on my kitchen counters, in drawers, in inboxes, outboxes and any other type of box I can find that might make the pile less of an eyesore. They are the bane of my existence because every time I start to pare down the piles, new stuff comes in that has to be added. And forget the post it notes and little pieces of  paper with lists, names, to-do’s and such.

In a perfect world, we could process every “thing” that comes in and get it out of sight. But that perfect world? Yeah right. How do minimalists do it anyway?

So I found an app that just might be the ticket to fewer piles. At least I hope so. It’s called Evernote and the more I use it the more I think this might be one of the best apps ever.

Evernote comes in many forms. An app for your PC or Mac, a website, and mobile apps for just about any smartphone or tablet. Click here for the list of available devices and download info.

This app lets you take notes, pictures, audio clips and web clips of whatever you need and save it to a digital notebook. For example, I’ve started taking photos of the torn out magazine pages with interesting recipes and storing them in a recipe notebook. I can tag the recipes by main ingredient or category and search on them when it’s time to give it a try. And how cool will it be when I find myself in the grocery store and can pull up the recipe on my phone to check that I have all the ingredients?

Another way I’m using it is to take photos of wine labels when I taste a good one. Easier to find it in the store when I can match up the image, no?

I do believe my handy little purse notepad will not see much action any more.

To get started with Evernote, create an account at the Evernote website and download the computer app. There’s a great getting started guide and some tutorial videos that help you get started.

Then you can download the mobile app for whichever device(s) you have. I have it on both my Android phone and my iPad. This way, I can use whatever device is at hand to get info into my notebooks. And the best part? Evernote synchronizes all of the different device apps every few minutes so no matter which device I have, I can see it all.

Friends, this is just crazy cool. I think I love this app. Maybe I too can become a minimalist. Well maybe not, but at least a little less cluttered.

Here’s another blog post that describes how Carley Knobloch, founder of Digitwhirl uses Evernote.

You can also find Paula on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter @techsmart319. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.


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