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January 21st, 2014 at 5:01 am

Music Videos in Spanish for Children

babypianoI’ve taught my bilingual kids all of the children’s songs in Spanish you’ll find below and they love singing them. I remembered the lyrics for most of them, but for the ones I didn’t, I turned to YouTube. Not only so that I could be reminded of the simple lyrics of  my own childhood, but also because of the cute videos that you can find for each song.

These allowed my kids to watch something fun while learning several songs in Spanish. I’ve included the lyrics for each song, but you can click on the name of each song to watch the video. Also, keep in mind that some times, the lyrics may differ a little because there are different versions of the same song.

Un elefante se balanceaba:

Un elefante se balanceaba
sobre la tela de una araña,
como veía que resistía
fue a llamar a otro elefante.

Dos elefantes se balanceaban…

Arroz con leche:

Arroz con leche
Me quiero casar
Con una viudita
de la capital

Que sepa coser
Que sepa planchar
Que sepa abrir la puerta
Para ir a jugar.

Vaca lechera:

Tengo una vaca lechera,
no es una vaca cualquiera,
me da leche condensada,
ay! que vaca tan salada,
Tolón, tolón
Tolón, tolón

Pin pon:

Pin Pon es un muñeco
muy guapo y de cartón,
se lava su carita
con agua y con jabón

Se desenreda el pelo
con peine de marfil,
y aunque se da estirones
no llora ni hace así

Pin Pon dame la mano
con un fuerte apretón,
que quiero ser tu amigo
Pin Pon Pin Pon Pin Pon

Image credit: San Mateo County Library

Roxana A. Soto is the co-founder of SpanglishBaby, the go-to site for parents raising bilingual and bicultural children. She’s the co-author of her first book, based on her blog. Roxana is also a staff writer for MamásLatinas.

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