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August 8th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Helping Your Child Cope with a Fear of Thunderstorms


In my opinion, it’s such a satisfying feeling to be sitting in your cozy home during a thunderstorm. However, not too many little ones feel the same way.  The sound of a particularly loud clap of thunder and the sight of lightning in the sky can shake even the bravest child. While you may not be able to convince your child to love thunderstorms, you can still help them conquer their fear.

Teach them about thunderstorms by reading books about storms or pulling resources from the internet. Help them learn that they are perfectly safe indoors or in a car.

Devise a safety plan for when there is a thunderstorm to help your child feel even safer. Get indoors, avoid bathing, and unplug any electrical appliances, to name just a few ideas.

Try to distract your child from the storm by having them draw pictures of the beautiful day that will occur when the storm is over. Other distractions could be building a fort, reading, or having an indoor picnic.

If you can turn a thunderstorm into something positive rather than something to be afraid of, your child will slowly get over his/her fear and maybe eventually look forward to the next storm!

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