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January 14th, 2014 at 9:59 am

My Favorite Apps for 2013

best of 2013Time for a trip down memory lane. Which apps did I have a relationship with in 2013 and which ones were a passing fling? Here are my faves.

I have spent many hours browsing the gazillion home photos of Houzz. And even though my kitchen remodel is done, I still find myself searching out more ideas for every room. This site is so addicting.

Every generation of new apps brings features that we used to only dream of, constantly raising the bar. While GPS in and of itself is awesome, Waze brings navigating every car trip to a whole new level. SO helpful to know where the delays, accidents and jams are before heading out.

And what’s up with this crazy weather? While it’s not quite an exact science, the near term weather forecast for your specific location is brought to you by Nooly, right down to  5 minute increments. A most helpful app.

Cleaning out your closet? If you’re like me and find the consignment store option a bit of a chore, try Tradesy.  Simply take a picture of your item, upload it, and wait for the prepaid shipping package when a buyer has chosen it. An easy way to turn your closet into a goldmine.

Looking for a good soundtrack to match your mood or task at hand? I turn to Songza for a great mix. Lately I’ve been grooving on opera, and finding it’s a great background sound when I’m working. Who knew?

And as a footnote, I must give a shout out, for the third year in a row, to Evernote because it’s just…excellent. It has replaced my various piles and folders full of collected clippings, photos and notes. Now I just scan then, tag them, and toss the paper. This killer app is definitely a long term relationship.

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