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August 8th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Making Kindergarten a Good Experience

Last week I talked about how to prepare yourself for Kindergarten, but more importantly, how do you prepare the child that is off to start the big adventure called school? One of the first things I did was start talking about Kindergarten daily from the time my son completed Kindergarten registration in Spring. I talked about things he would do, especially the things that were extra special – field trips, his own cubby, music , gym, art classes, and recess. All of these things were exciting to him and got him excited.

My son didn’t have any anxiety until a week or two before school started. When I noticed that he was starting to worry or made comments that meant he was thinking about things related to Kindergarten, we talked about them. For example, he was concerned about lunchtime. Taking his lunch and having to eat with people he may not know was terrifying to him. We talked a lot about what kind of things he would need to do for lunch and made a special trip to the grocery store to pick out a bunch of special things for him to take for lunch.

On the first day of school I used Star Wars sandwich cutters and colored them with food coloring markers. I also put a note that said “I Love You” in his lunch because I knew he was able to read those words. It was just a little reminder that he made it part way and could finish out the day! I will still write notes this year and I am so glad I found this collection.

The first day went great! What I wasn’t prepared for was the Monday following the first week of school. He had the weekend to think about it and did not want to go back. That Sunday I spent a lot of time reminding him of the things he liked about school and dispelling the things he was concerned about. We talked about all those things in detail. One of his biggest problems was that he didn’t know the schedule. He is very schedule orientated and likes to know what is happening, so I made sure that I knew when gym class was or what day they went to the library and each day we would talk about what was happening that day.

He also was tired and hungry after school and the ride home every day meant tears. To help this, I made sure there was a little snack bag in the car when we picked him up and he got to have some TV down time on the couch every day. This also meant he didn’t want to talk about his day until he decompressed a little and I respected that.

This is a BIG change for your child and you have to just figure out what works for them! If you are noticing major anxiety be sure to talk to the teacher or school counselor. Involving people at the school will help everyone to help curb the issue and work on it all day through. Also, don’t be alarmed if it takes through Christmas Break for your child to adjust. This is perfectly normal.

Good luck to all the new Kindergarten Moms out there and ENJOY! First Grade will be here before you know it!

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.

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July 29th, 2011 at 5:00 am

End of Summer Trends for Kids

It’s the last week of July.

Seriously, I do not know where the summer has gone. I feel like with one snap of my fingers, it’s almost over. I have to be honest, it makes me sad… oh, so sad. I love the summer. I don’t like seeing it blow by so fast.

So… I’m hanging on as long as I possibly can.

Everyone’s talking about Back-to-School fashions now, and yes, this is something that should be the topic of conversation because school does begin soon. But! And this is a big but, there’s still a couple week’s left of summer… so I’m suggesting to go big and bold with some end of summer trends for kids. The best part is, these trends easily parlay right into Back-to-School.

Here are some of my favorites…

Tiered Ruffle Top… So cute for girls! I absolutely love this top. The ruffle and the tiered layers is such an easy trend for girls to wear because it can be worn with anything.

Printed Jeans… Oh, yes! They are super fashionable ans super cute! jeans that have a little print on them!

Rosette Ballet Flats… I love anything with a rosette! I love seeing these back in trend. These are great with jeans, skirts, dresses, capris… anything!

Denim jacket… It’s always good to have something to toss on when the weather starts to turn a little cooler. What’s better than a denim jacket?

Slip-on Shoes… I always have to tell my sons to put their shoes on! I love shoes that don’t require any tying. My fave? Slip-ons!

Graphic polos… Handsome tees (as we call them in my house) are such a staple for boys in the summer. I love the mix of polo and graphic in these tees. Very cool!

Audrey McClelland can also be found at MomGenerations.comLifetime Beauty/Style, and She is also the co-author of The Digital Mom Handbook.



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