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Roxana Soto

I am the mom of a baby boy and a preschool girl and co-founder and editorial director of

I am also an Emmy-award winning bilingual journalist with experience in print, online, and television. I was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Miami, Florida as a teenager. After spending more than 13 years as a newspaper reporter and a television producer, I decided to call it quits and left South Florida for the Rockies, where I became a mama.

A writer at heart, I couldn’t resist when, in 2009, my best friend from college asked me to join her in the creation of SpanglishBaby which has become the go-to site for parents raising bilingual and bicultural children. The two things I like the most about blogging are that I get to write about something I am passionate about on a regular basis and that I’ve met a whole bunch of amazing people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

I love to read, watch my children play, sleep and eat good food (cooked by someone else!). My dream-come-true would be to travel the world and eventually settle in an oceanfront home where I could see the sun set over the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis.

You can also find me on Twitter @roxanaSB

Paula Palermo  – Tech Tips Tuesdays

About Me:

I’m a one time corporate engineering manager who stepped off the career train to concentrate on raising my two kids. I love technology; so naturally, I found a way to incorporate it into mothering, volunteering, PTA positions, and freelancing. I was able to parlay all of that into a new consulting career that started with our school district and the local education foundation and grew from there.

My business, TechSmart Services, specializes in technology training. I’ve covered everything from teaching computer classes to healthcare communications technology. Over the years I have done web design, database programming, project management and more. Currently I teach classes at the local community college and provide training and software support for various corporate clients.

In between my job and taking care of my family – which by the way is more than a little simplified by technology– I’m the Vice-chair of the local education foundation, a marching band parent, and take as much time as possible to travel, read, and row crew.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @techsmart319. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Kim Ross - SAHM to WAHM

About Me:

I am a busy wife and mom to two boys, Ian, age 6, and Connor, age 3. Actually, I would say three boys if you count my husband, Gary.

I chronicle my experiences in my blog, A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom. My obsession with social media has become so bad, that Gary has named my laptop - 2nd Husband.

As a professional full-time mom, I have become a master at multitasking  – managing to work from home, volunteer at school, and play with the boys, all while keeping the house afloat.

When I find a free moment I love to craft, read, cook and bake. I even manage to sleep once in a while!

You can also find me on twitter @kimmiekinkins