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October 23rd, 2012 at 5:00 am

Pet Costumes for Halloween


We have written about Halloween quite a bit over the past few weeks. We have talked about games, parties, apps, costumes, even making a costume out of a Garanimals outfit your son or daughter can wear all season. Halloween would never be complete in our Garanimals community without including the option for your pets!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Every family thinks they have a Superdog, why not have them dress the part?

Is your pooch a little on the devilish side? Let his true colors shine through with this costume.

How about this pirate costume? We are still wondering how they got that dog to sit still for the eye patch!

This one is simply hysterical. We would imagine the cheerleader is dating the quarterback.

Do you dress up your pets for Halloween?

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October 10th, 2012 at 1:00 am

A Halloween Costume Your Little Girl Can Wear All Season


Holidays can be so expensive! Halloween surely tests the limits of the monthly budget. We have been wracking our brains trying to think of ways to save money and still have a great halloween costume. Kim wrote about how her mom used to make her costumes, and that is one way. But sometimes the cost of crafting supplies is more than the cost of a store bought costume.

How about this idea: make a halloween costume out of something that your little girl can wear straight through the season!

Luckily animal prints are hot this season. Garanimals has embraced this trend in a big way. Pair this outfit with an inexpensive leopard ear headband, or better yet, one of those adorable hats with ears that are everywhere this year. Throw a little face paint on and you have a great costume on the 31st as well as a new outfit to wear the rest of the season.

Clever, right?

Check out the collection and see what other options you can find for great costumes. We’d love to see what you come up with so post them to our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for the boys version next week.

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February 3rd, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Mom Blogging: The Fine Art of Sharing


Mom blogging. We hear this term almost every day. Most often there are discussions about the buying power of mom. She runs the house, makes the purchase decisions and tells all her friends and networks about products she loves as well as ones she does not respect.

So many have gotten caught up in the brand benefit of marketing to moms that the real essence of this community has been diluted for its desire to be an industry. Sure the business piece is wonderful because of the freedom it has given so many to create home-based businesses. But what really sits at the core of mom blogging is the way women share; both joys and hardships. Just like the playgroups and neighborhood friends of the past would hold us up when we needed support, now the online community does this in a magnified version of these communities. Think about how often the first place you go in both good times and bad is your facebook page.

We have seen this often; in times of crisis women have come to  aid and support other moms. They help them through and give them hope. Social media has literally changed the way we deal with personal crisis.

Why, you ask, is this post sitting on Fashion Friday and where is Audrey and all those cute little red items she is telling us to wear for Valentines Day? This week Audrey suffered a family crisis. As many mom bloggers with strong followings do, she bravely did this in realtime – on facebook, her blog and twitter. Some who prefer to be more private do not understand why anyone would choose to expose their pain this way. Those who have lived in the online community and blurred the lines of work and family understand. Audrey did it because this community is like her family. They have been there to cheer her on for her successes; and there have been many. Now they are here for her in her time of need. They have proven her right in a big way. The outpouring of support has been monumental.

This, dear friends, is the Fine Art of Sharing; and why mom blogging has given so much more to enhance and support its own than any industry in history.

Wishing Audrey and her family a speedy return to life as they know it.

– Amy Zimmerman, Garanimals Blog Editor

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May 26th, 2011 at 9:08 am

Funny New Parent Stories


Hi all, Amy here again. While Christine is still getting her footing with baby number three, I have had the pleasure of reminiscing about my early days of parenting and remembering what it felt like to have an infant. Living your life through the lens of a new baby can sometimes turn the most level-headed individual into one with not such wonderful judgement. I think when you leave the hospital with that little baby in your arms there should be a warning sticker on the receiving blanket that tells you not to operate heavy machinery or make any significant life decisions for at least a month. Sure, it is worse the first time around, but even with the next baby you still lose a few brain cells that you need to replenish. They do come back fairly quickly, but for the most part you are less than your usual self.

Do I see a bunch of new moms out there nodding their heads in agreement? I thought so.

I thought it would be fun to confess a few of my better stories about being a new parent.

Story 1: Baby is 2 weeks old. I have had a C-section and I am finally given the green light to drive. The ‘big outing’ is to the drug store to pic up some things. I dress the baby in a special outfit. I pack a full diaper bag complete with 2 changes of clothes, 5 diapers, wipes, Balmex, thermometer, Tylenol, a blanket and nail clippers. (I know, the nail clippers were the most ridiculous – was I going to stop on the side of the road and clip her nails?) I put the baby in the car with the stroller (I am sweating by now), drive the half a mile to the drug store, unload the stroller, the baby, the diaper bag (with nail clippers of course) and enter the store. It takes a total of 6 minutes to gather what I need and purchase it. It took me 4 times as long to get ready for the trip!

Story 2: Baby is crying uncontrollably all night long at 6 weeks old. There is nothing we can do to console her. Both my husband and I are walking the floor all night, trying to soothe this poor devil sweet baby. Suddenly my husband turns to me in horror and says, “What if it is internal bleeding?” I stop in my tracks, start laughing and then say, “Oh hon, I am thinking an ear infection is more likely, but thanks for the laugh.”

Story 3: This one is not mine but one that a husband relayed to me at a birthday party. He and his wife wake in the middle of the night to the baby crying. His wife tells him to go cover the baby with a blanket because she assumes he is cold. When he gets back to bed she asks if he had used the blanket that matched the bumpers. He looks at her as if she were crazy and points out that it was dark in the room and he was pretty sure the little guy couldn’t tell.

Do you have any funny new parent stories? We would love to hear them. Feel free to share in the comments.

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May 19th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Top 10 Daily Accomplishments When You are a New Mom


Hi all. This is still Amy, you have me a little while longer while Christine adjusts to the new addition to her family. The fun part for me is getting a chance to reminisce about those early days of motherhood.

I remember when I had my first child and I was so surprised at how much time that little person could take up. A few years later when her brother came around she made sure to remind me how much time she could still take up. There was no way she was going to be upstaged by an infant. I can only imagine Christine’s juggle with #3.

Here is my list, in no particular order, of things I think should be considered huge accomplishments during the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Please feel free to rate them or add any of your own in the comments.

1. Taking a shower before 11:00 AM. (I thought this was huge).

2. Dressed in something other than sweats (mom and/or kids).

3. Making a home-cooked meal (this one can be flexible, anything that involves a heating element will qualify).

4. Walking the dog (the poor family pet is always the one whose needs are the most compromised in transition).

5. Remembering anyone’s birthday (even your own).

6. Keeping up with the mail (this includes remembering to pay bills on time… ‘Hello phone company? Why is my bill late? Um, I just had a baby!)

7. Blowing out your hair (this one is sort of ridiculous and goes along with putting on make up… this one rarely happens in the first few weeks).

8. Laundry. (enough said)

9. Food shopping (with infant and toddler in tow – this is somewhat like a game show task).

10. Sleep more than 3 consecutive hours! (they tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps… anyone ever do this? Silly, that is when we do numbers 1-9, if we are lucky)

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May 12th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Pretty in Pink – It’s Baby Time!


For those who have been following along, we have been doing baby countdown interviews with Christine the past few weeks.

It is with great joy that we announce she has become a mom for the third time. Sophia Noelle Lopez was born at 12:23 AM yesterday (getting her mom primed for years of being up at that hour waiting for a daughter to come home). She is a healthy 7.1 lbs. Mom and baby are doing fine.

After two sons you can be sure Sophia will be sporting plenty of pink. (A little shameless plug for the brand – how adorable is this Garanimals Newborn 21-piece Layette Essentials Set. Click here for more info or to buy this for a little girl in your life).

We welcome any advice you may have for Christine on mothering a daughter after two boys.

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May 7th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Happy Mother’s Day from Your Friends at Garanimals


There is one job on this earth that nothing compares to… being a mom. Sometimes it feels thankless and wears you down. But most of the time it is about the extreme joy that is hard to explain to anyone who has not had a child. One day you are you, and the next you are somebody’s mother.

For some of you this may be the first time you sit on the mom side of Mother’s Day. To you we wish a day as special as the child you have brought into this world. For those veteran moms out there, here’s hoping that your families give you the royal treatment today (or at least let you sleep an extra hour or two and have someone else do the planning).

One of our facebook friends asked us if we wanted to hear comments about being a mom, or about our own moms. It would be lovely to hear both. Please share your Mother’s Day thoughts with us here.

We know we are a little early but we like to stretch out a good thing… Happy Mother’s Day everyone! And please, don’t forget to take pictures, you will be glad you did.


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May 5th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Christine’s Baby Countdown Post – Week 2


Hi all! It’s me again, Amy Zimmerman, the editor of Have You Herd? The Christine Baby Countdown continues – no baby just yet. We are going to continue the interview format giving you a peek into the goings on in Christine’s growing family. Remembering those final days of pregnancy, it is very easy for me to come up with questions for our dear friend Christine. She is so cool third time around but she is very ready to see her little girl on the outside. Feel free to send any questions in the comments that you would like me to ask Christine in the coming weeks. And of course we will keep you posted on the baby’s arrival!

What is your hospital plan for when you go into labor? Get there…fast! Seriously, that is my biggest concern. Once I am there I put myself in the hands of my doctor and the labor and delivery nurses. They are all wonderful.

You mentioned that your husband does not work that close to home, do you have a fill-in coach in case you need to get to the hospital before he can get there? My sister-in-law has graciously offered to be a stand in until he arrives. I have my parents and in-laws at the ready to pick up my kids from school if necessary and bring me to the hospital.

How many times have you clocked how long it takes to get to the hospital from your house? Well this is my third delivery at this hospital so we have this pretty down by now. The only wild card is time of day. This hospital is not close (about 20 minutes away) so if late at night we take one route and rush hour we need to take another…

How many traffic lights are there? (c’mon… I know you know!) The first route has lots of lights at least twenty… the second route has four (but potential for heavy traffic).

How many hours of labor did you have with son #1? Eleven hours

Son #2? Three hours

Is there an office pool for your delivery date? Yes…they sent it over to me.

If yes, did you enter? They sent it to me after they had already filled it out… I guess they thought I would have an unfair advantage lol.

Do you have an outfit picked out for the baby to come home in? Of course I do :) with matching hat and blankets.

Is it pink? Yep!

You can follow Christine on twitter @clopez19, please feel free to reach out to her.


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April 28th, 2011 at 3:00 am

Christine’s Baby Countdown


Hi all! Let me introduce myself. I am Amy Zimmerman and I am the editor of Have You Herd? The reason I am taking over here for a while is that Christine is in the final countdown to her due date (May 17th) and as you can imagine, blogging is not exactly on the top of her list right now. For the next few weeks – till the baby is born and for a little while after – we are going to mix things up here on her column. We will be using an interview format giving you a peek into the goings on in Christine’s growing family. Remembering those final days of preganancy, this set of questions was very easy for me to compile (seriously, who ever forgets swollen feet!). Feel free to send any questions in the comments that you would like me to ask Christine in the coming weeks. And of course we will keep you posted on the baby’s arrival!  Here goes:

When is your due date? 5/17

How many times a day do people ask you that? Everywhere I go and everyone I see asks me! Oh, and then there are the facebook people and the phone calls and text messages that I get.

On average, how often does your 3 year old ask when his sister is coming? He doesn’t ask when, but the clever little guy does ask if the doctor is going to take the baby out.

How are you filling your days waiting? Laundry, reading, more laundry and preparing food and snacks for my sons every 15 minutes (seriously they dont stop).

Are strangers rubbing your belly? Thank GOD no.

How many hours did you sleep last night? Last night was good – I got a full eight hours!

The night before? That was not such a good night… three hours sleep.

And your husband, how many hours did he sleep? He is sleeping just fine!  He is getting at least seven hours every night.

What is the single most important thing you think about in the middle of the night? Right now, I have been playing out the hospital/labor process and remembering how it was with both of my boys… and hoping my husband is home (and not at work) when I go into labor… oh and hoping I make it to the hospital on time.

Is it harder or easier the third time around? It is easier mentally this time. I am very comfortable and relaxed about welcoming this child.  I am not worried about caring for her or how the boys will adapt. I know it will all work out fine. Physically it’s harder, though. I am more uncomfortable and tired this time. Plus, I have two others that I need to care for, reducing my relaxation time tremendously.

What would you give to see your toes right now? Lol!  Actually I wish I couldnt see them… my feet are swollen now.

What color are most of the clothes you bought for the first girl? Although I swore I would not do it, there is a pink explosion in her closet.

What day of the week is it? (this is a trick question and will get harder after the baby is born)…  I just typed Thursday…but its Wednesday (oh no… baby is not even born yet!)

You can follow Christine on twitter @clopez19, please feel free to reach out to her.



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