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February 25th, 2014 at 8:39 am

So Many Books, So Little Time

goodreadsRead any good books lately? There are more format and device options than ever before for getting your fix. I love listening to audiobooks while doing chores, but still love the smell and feel of a hardcover.

With so many great books out there, having options is helpful. Like when traveling, you can load up your ereader and save room in your luggage for shoes, or at least not exceed the weight limit.

Have a lot of time to read? Neither do I. But a new service, Scribd (like Netflix for books) gives you access to thousands of ebooks for less than the cost of one. Read as many as you want every month.

Got some old books hanging around and wonder if they might be valuable? Check out and see whether that old, yellowing copy of To Kill a Mockingbird might actually be worth some money.

If you like to rate, share and explore books from the comfort of your keyboard, try GoodReads. Keep your to-read list, check off ones you’ve finished, and see what others are saying about everything from the classics to the best kids books. The site also makes recommendations based on your lists. It’s fun to get lost and build up that want-to-read list to impossible levels.

Wish you could read a book in 15 minutes? Well you can’t actually, but with Blinkist, you can get a concise, well written summary of many popular non-fiction titles. It’s a subscription service with a 30 day free trial, but it’s a neat idea for checking out a book to see if you really need to read the whole thing, or can just check it off the list.

For some free read-alouds your little ones, check out this Curious George site, or visit the Barnes & Noble online storytime for some classics. And because you can never really get enough of Goodnight Moon, check out this YouTube video.

Happy Reading!

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