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October 25th, 2013 at 5:00 am

A Simple Jump in a Leaf Pile

fall-leavesI’ve said it before, I LOVE all thing FALL! One of my favorite Fall activities requires a little work though.

The raking of leaves leads to my all time favorite activities and this year my boys actually raked a large amount of the leaves up. How could the little boys shown in the picture actually get big enough to do the work. Every year, once we accumulate enough leaves off our big maple trees in the front yard, we create a big leaf pile. It’s been pretty rainy around here lately so this years pile was a little wet and muddy. That didn’t stop the fun.

First it started with a couple of jumps into the pile. Then there was hiding under all the leaves. It concluded with the boys having endless hours of Fall fun. They couldn’t re-rake the pile enough. Its the simple things…

I usually start with some pictures. Then I retreat inside… where I secretly watch them from the living room. I love to soak in the pure fun they have with those leaves. This year I loved to watch the brother bond. In the past it was more fighting… No, I get to jump first. This year I smiled while I watched them grab each other’s hands and run into those leaves together.

It’s times like these that I wish they would never grow up.

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