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September 25th, 2013 at 8:34 am

Find Your Misplaced Stuff with Tile

Ever play the Hotter/Colder game as a kid or with your kids? You hunt for a hidden something and the hider tells you whether you are getting closer or farther away from it as you search.

Wouldn’t it be great if whenever you misplaced something, you had a voice telling you hotter or colder while you pull up cushions or empty your purse?

It’s coming! There’s a tracking device soon to be released called Tile  that is the equivalent of Hotter/Holder for your stuff. It’s a small device, about the size of a matchbook, that you attach to whatever you might misplace like keys, a phone or laptop. Gee, do they make one for your mind?

Seriously though, how great is an app that lets you know if you’re getting closer or farther from your lost item. And if it’s your phone that gets lost, you can log into your account from someone else’s phone to find it. You can even turn on the audio and have it beep at you as you get closer.

Even better, if your something gets lost out in the world you can enlist the help of the rest of the Tile user community to help locate it. That’s like having a search party on call if say your bike gets stolen. How cool is that?

Tile is scheduled to be released this winter and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to make that a reality. For $18.95, you can preorder yours and help the process along. I can think of a certain person (ahem, spouse) who could really use one of these for his phone, which is quite frequently somewhere other than where he is.

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