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August 13th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Avoiding Food Allergy Dangers Away From Home

Does someone in your family suffer from food allergies? Does it curtail your restaurant eating or vacations? When you’re not preparing the meal, it’s hard to be sure there isn’t some secret ingredient lurking in your meal (peanut butter in chili?) that can be life threatening.

There’s nothing riskier (or more frustrating) than trying to explain an allergy to non-English-speaking staff at an ethnic restaurant. You think they understood, but you’re not quite sure. provides a convenient solution to the blank-stare-nodding-of-the-head-response. They offer printed materials that clearly state issues with particular ingredients, in various languages.

So if you’re going to a Japanese restaurant and want to be sure they understand that you really can’t have even a little bit of sesame, carry a card from selectwisely with cleary stated explanations in Japanese.

Traveling to a foreign country? You can get cards in the native language which  explain allergies to food, drugs, animals or materials, as well as medical conditions, that can literally change your vacation and possibly save a life.

As someone who has suffered from nut and seed allergies my whole life, I am so grateful for this site. There’s nothing worse than trying to convince  waitstaff that “I think you’ll be ok” isn’t the right answer when I question the ingredients. Thank you selectwisely for giving me that extra assurance.

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