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June 5th, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Cat Care


June is Adopt a Cat Month.  There are many reasons why cats make great pets: they’re easy to take care of, easy to transport, and can be just as playful and affectionate as a dog.  While I love all animals and have lived with them my entire life, I have never had a more loving and fun pet than my 10-month old kitten, Comet, who we adopted from a shelter at Christmastime. But just because cats are easy to care for doesn’t mean they don’t require any of your time and attention!  If you think that a cat or a kitten might be the perfect pet for you and your family, consider whether you can provide the following care:

  • Feed your cat a balanced diet.  I feed Comet twice a day with healthy wet and dry food, like Blue, Merrick, and Tiki Cat.  Of course, as with a human child, they’re entitled to a treat every now and then and I’ve never met a cat that resisted Temptations!  Also be sure your cat ALWAYS has fresh water to drink.
  • Provide a litter box and keep it clean.  I’ve never had to “potty-train” a cat; I just showed them where the box was and they knew to use it.  Most will not use a dirty one, so be sure to clean it out as often as possible.
  • Buy a collar and an ID tag with your contact information.  Even indoor cats should wear a collar at all times.  Make sure it has a breakaway buckle, like this one from Petco, for your cat’s safety.
  • Groom your cat regularly.  Brush your cat regularly for a healthy coat and minimal shedding.  Make sure you also have nail clippers and styptic powder to trim their claws. A scratching post will also help trim them down.
  • Annual trips to the vet are a must.  Keep your kitty up-to-date on shots and vaccinations.  Have him or her spayed or neutered if this hasn’t already been done.

Finally, even though cats are known for their independence, they still crave human love.  Provide him with catnip and toys to keep him stimulated, but remember that his favorite toy is you!  These guidelines for cat ownership will help ensure that you have a happy kitty and that your family will have a loyal friend for years!

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