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April 10th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Starting a Garden


Last week, we gave you some great tips on getting your children started on their very own garden. This week, I’d like to focus more on your own cultivations. Gardening is not only a great an inexpensive way to grow delicious vegetables or make your yard look gorgeous with colorful flowers and shrubs; beautifying your home will make you feel better on the inside.  Here are a few tips for making a beautiful backyard oasis:

Make sure your soil is adequately fertilized!  Instead of buying fertilizer, you can take a trip to the local grocery store! Believe it or not, eggshells can provide soil with the nutrients they need to grow healthy plants.  You can either gather the broken eggshells and grind them into a powder or just put the shells directly on the soil.

Remove any large stones from the soil that will impede the growth of your plants or vegetables.

Decide what you want to grow! Burpee sells more varieties of seeds than I had ever imagined and I get gratifying results. My favorite seeds to plant at this time of year are basil, tomatoes, carrots and broccoli. As for flowers, now is the time to plant annuals. You can either buy the seeds or go to your local nursery for the actual flowers and plant them right into the ground!

Make sure you read the instructions on the back of the package of seeds you buy to determine how deep they must be planted.

Be sure to plant your seeds in an area where they will get direct sunlight. If it’s not raining a lot in your area, you will need to be diligent about providing your plants with adequate water. The higher the temperature, the more water you will need.

Plants need TLC just as humans and animals do. If you follow these steps, you will soon be watching plants and vegetables sprout from the ground and you can enjoy your beautiful new garden!  Happy planting!

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