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April 3rd, 2013 at 1:59 pm

Gardening for Kids


Gardening is an outdoor activity you can involve your kids in easily, and it’s a great learning experience for them. It’s an opportunity for you to teach them about plants and how they grow, healthy foods like vegetables and fruit, and most importantly, responsibility, all while still having fun! Here are some tips for how to introduce your child to the wonders of gardening:

1)   Designate an area as his/her own garden.

Plywood planks can be used to actually make a square garden box for them, or you can just give them an area of your landscape. Let them help you “prepare the area” with weeding, tilling, fertilizing, etc.

2)   Let them make decisions.

When you go to the store to purchase your gardening needs, let them choose one to three different seeds or bulbs. Steer them in the right direction by helping them pick ones that don’t require special care and are easy and fast-growing, like beans, sunflowers, morning glory, and marigolds . Teach them about the different types of plants and help them understand that some need special light, soil, watering, etc.

3)   Teach them how to plant.

Help them do the planting but guide them instead of actually doing. You’ll be surprised how much your little one will enjoy poking holes in the soil, dropping in seeds, covering them and watering the area.

4)   Teach them to organize and maintain.

Help them create garden labels by writing the names on popsicle sticks so they can keep track of where they placed their different plant types. Then, help them create a “growth chart” where they can keep track of how the plants are doing and remind them to water and take care of them.

You’ll see how excited your kids will get as they see their plants grow. If you choose vegetables, when they’re ripe for picking you can teach them how to harvest and clean them, and EAT them! This website  has even more tips and tricks for family gardening.

What will YOU plant with your kids this year?

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  1. Children can enjoy gardening as much as anyone and enjoy it for its simplicity. You have stated some key points in how to encourage them such as picking easy to maintain seeds. Seeing results whilst enjoying it is the most important thing at an early age.

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