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March 6th, 2013 at 4:01 pm

DIY Projects for Moms-To-Be


New babies are a huge expense, from diapers and clothes to formula and crib furniture, so it’s understandable that many moms-to-be look for do-it-yourself projects that will save some money. You don’t even have to be crafty to make these great items that will help you take care of your newborn baby!

Baby Wipes

Newborns go through a lot of diapers per day, and that means even more wipes! This DIY wipes tutorial will help you make your own.

Door Latch Cover

There’s nothing worse than finally getting your baby to sleep, only to have them wake up crying when the door closes too loudly! Muffle the sound with this cool door latch cover you can make from almost any material.

No-Sew Floor Pillow

This is a great one for those of you with no craft experience. So comfy for baby!

Diaper Clutch

When you’re on the go and your baby is crying for a fresh diaper, you need those diapers and wipes RIGHT AWAY. This diaper clutch will keep them together and in an easy-to-spot pouch.

Nursing Cover

Nurse your babies in style with this pretty nursing cover!

Stacking Rings

Once the baby is old enough, these stacking rings are great for developing motor skills. Make them out of fabrics in pretty colors and prints that will catch their eye!

e any DIY projects for your upcoming bundle of joy?

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