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January 28th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Going on a Date with Your Child

Typically, when you think of the word date, you think of your partner. Although, dates with your children are just as important. Kids love to go on a special outing with their parents, especially if it is just them without their siblings.

The best part is these dates are easier to plan than the dates with your partner. At a loss?

Schedule a special time with your child- Some of our favorite runs are to the cupcake shop or ice cream store in town. We also love to peruse the book store or run to the toy store to make a wish list for an upcoming celebration. The movies are also fun to do. My youngest loves to go to the park so I try to fit in some one on one time there! My husband frequently takes time in the summer to take the boys on Geocaching adventures. Hobbies are a great way to spend quality time.

Running errands can be impromptu date time – Some kids will jump at the chance to come with you to go grocery shopping or go to the bank. Some kids have so much fun driving through the car wash, they think it is the best thing ever, so always take a kid along for that! The car is a great time to talk and learn more about your child. Think about taking a child with you when you need to do something.

Spend some time at home together – Recently, we sorted our Legos and rearranged the playroom. The boys and my husband have the most fun having Lego dates. At the end of the day they sit in there and make creations together.  At home dates can include board games, a movie or just making cookies in the kitchen together.

Work on a project together – This could include painting and reorganizing their room, cleaning out old toys or making a scrapbook. Quality time can be spent even if you are doing a little work together.

Go on a Real Date – Spend an extended amount of time together. Go to a museum and walk around, do dinner and a movie, or even go away on a special weekend. These can be extra special for you and your child. Last year I shared with you a Date Kit; this can be easily adapted for a child too.

The impact of spending some special time with your children can be amazing. They truly long for moments like these, so try to set some time aside to be one-on-one. How do you spend special time with your child?

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.

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  1. A child always looks forward to spending time with parents. Time spent with parents is an amazing experience for the kids.

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