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January 25th, 2013 at 5:00 am

How to Save Money by Shopping Online

Over the past couple of years I have found the excitement of shopping online. There are so many positive aspects to this. I don’t have to leave my house (especially with the recent below zero temps). I can search for deals among different sites on the same product. I don’t end up noticing a “few” extra things that I just have to have!

Online Coupon Sites

When I am shopping online, I always like to refer to some online coupon sites before I hit the checkout button. There are sites all over the internet that display coupon codes for online shopping websites. These can cover anything from free shipping to 15-50 percent off of almost every website. Once you receive this code you just copy and paste into the website’s promotional box when you checkout. You see your saving automatically and it can be very exciting!

Price -Comparison Sites

Another handy online tool are sites that show comparisons of the prices at different stores. These are a great way to see which store holds the best deal on a certain item.

Store Mailing Lists

I have a love/hate relationship with store mailing lists. They can overflow my mailbox, especially during the holidays, although this holiday I figured out a trick. I set my email to weed out certain store emails and route them to a special folder. When I plan on shopping for something or at a certain store I check this mailbox for the latest deal. These can save you huge percentages off your total when you checkout.  Often you will receive a coupon code upon signing up for these mailing lists as well, to save you anywhere from 10% to 30% or even more off your first purchase.

Even though these items make online shopping easy you do need to keep several rules in mind:

  • Be careful of who’s online
    advice you take
  • Know what you are buying and how much money you are spending before you start shopping
  • Avoid impulse buys
  • Buy from established and secure sites
  • Check out the return policy

Online shopping can be fun and take less time out of your schedule. What are your favorite things to shop for online?

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