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September 26th, 2012 at 8:46 am

Unleash The Inner Geek in Your Child

Once upon a time being referred to as a geek was a putdown. Now, it’s a compliment, a badge of honor.  It’s only logical that we admire those who really understand the technology that is now such a dominant part of our every day.

We all need to know how to use the gadgets and devices that are such an integral part of our daily lives. Internet on your tv, tv on your phone, phone on your computer. It takes effort to stay current and fluent, even as a casual user.

Moving forward, it’s only going to get more integrated. No doubt about it. In the future, we need to make sure we have enough really smart people to understand the technology on the inside, not just as end users. What we also need is to make science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curricula more attractive and encourage more of our children to follow these career paths.

One way to do this is to start them young. Get them interested in science by removing the fear of how difficult it all is and make it more fun.

Wired magazine, the geekiest magazine that isn’t a technical journal, is a great source of inspiration for this. Even if you don’t get the magazine, you can still take advantage of their geekmom and geekdad blogs, which are chock full of ideas and projects that can help you unleash the inner geek in both you and your child.

I got inspired by this when I read a feature this summer on How to Be A Geek Dad by Adam Savage from Mythbusters. It was a great article with some easy and practical projects that provide a perfect springboard for getting your geek on.

The Wired website has a ton of great links and resources for exploring technology from the ground up. It’s never too early to inspire your child. Our future competitiveness depends on a well educated and tech savvy population that not only uses technology but understands how it works and can build the next generation of products and applications.

It’s cool to be a geek.

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