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August 24th, 2012 at 5:00 am

5 Fall Trends in Shoes for Moms

Sometimes it’s just all about the shoes. :)

This Fall there are some gorgeous shoe trends when it comes to the ladies! I’m someone who has quietly been stalking the shoe styles for Fall since early July. Fall is my favorite when it comes to fashion because there’s always such new and defined trends, so I’m just obsessed with what’s “hot” and what’s trendy. With shoes… we’re in for some delicious treats!

Most moms love comfort when it comes to footwear, and I can understand that. With 4 little boys, I need to make sure I’m comfortable, too.

But… I also love to infuse some serious style with that comfort. It’s not just about being practical with comfort, you can be practical with style and fashion, too.

Here are 5 Fall Trends in Shoes for Moms… stock up, pick and choose your faves and enjoy some serious shoe love!

1) Leopard Print

ROAR!! Oh, yes… Leopard print is very trendy this Fall in shoes. Heels or flats, you can’t go wrong. I love Leopard print because you can really make this shoe the showpiece. You can wear monochromatic or just jeans and a white tee with these gorgeous printed shoes. Your shoes will pop! Print is so hot right now, really amp it up and go for some boldness!

2) Polka Dots

One of the simplest and most classic trends is here to stay this Fall – Polka Dots! We’ve seen polka dots all summer on bathing suits, tops and bottoms, and now… they’ve made their way to Fall shoes! Again, heels or flats, you simply cannot do this trend a disservice. I love polka dots because anyone can pull this trend off, it’s just pure classic-ness. It’s such an elegant and sophisticated trend, one that is sure to stay strong all Fall!

3) Ankle Booties

Ankle boots are surely going to be a mom’s best friend. Flat and comfortable, but chic and oh-so-trendy. I love the added hardware on some of the selected booties this season. Wear these with jeans, skirts, trousers, anything! If you’re anything like me and around 5 feet tall, ankle boots will also be your new best friend this Fall!


Light it up with some color! We’ve been seeing bright colors trend since January… oranges, pinks, yellows and red, well… this trend is not going away, even this Fall. Work the bold colors into your shoe wardrobe! Every mom deserves a FUN pair of shoes, opt for some color and some vibrance! I love a fabulous pink or orange pump! And if you don’t feel comfortable in heels, go for a fabulous flat. Just make sure you adding in some FAB POPS of color!


Just because the Olympics are over doesn’t mean you still can’t GOLD it up! Gold is a huge trending color right now, for all fashion! I love seeing gold shoes right now because, I’m telling you… talk about a color POP! This is just fabulous for adding pizazz and fabulousness to your Fall shoes! I love a flat shoe in the gold color because it’s chic enough to be noticeable, but also casual enough to wear to school pick up or a night out to dinner. I love the sparkle of it… and making rainy days suddenly shine!

Audrey McClelland can also be found at, Lifetime Beauty/Style, and She is also the co-author of The Digital Mom Handbook.

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