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July 23rd, 2012 at 5:00 am

Getting Ready to go Back to School!

Can you believe it? The stores are filled with school supplies which mean the time is approaching…….

Back to School! 

Here in Wisconsin we have a little under 40 days until the new school year starts, but I know some of you start in early August so I want to be sure you are prepared.  The start of a school year means a little organization and a lot of preparation to get everyone ready to go back to school – moms and dads too!

Here are the things I think about when preparing to go back to school:

  • Go through the kids closets and dresser to try on old clothes and decide what new things are needed. Make sure to check the underwear, socks, and belts!
  • Set a budget for the start of school. Be sure to include school supplies and clothing and remember to include all the fees that are due to school!
  • Figure out what supplies can be reused (scissors, glue, ruler) and collect school supply list. Make sure to buy extras of items that get used up through the year and put them away.
  • Decide on a homework spot that is complete with needed supplies. Be sure to add these to the school supply list.
  • Clean out old toys/books that the kids have outgrown.
  • Make a launch pad – this is a spot that backpacks and other school items are kept (musical instruments, sports equipment,etc..)
  • Go grocery shopping for a collection of healthy snacks and lunches. Gather some new ideas of things your children might be interested in.
  • Confirm arrangement for Before and After School care along with transportation.
  • Schedule hair cuts
  • Shift bedtime so you can shift the wake up time. We always start this the first full week before school starts.
  • Review the basics – do we need refreshers on our phone number, address, math facts, or ABC’s?
  • Plan play dates to reconnect with school friends
  • Plan one last family getaway – not a lot of money? Think about a stay cation!

Be sure to visit my post next monday for more Back to School fun……..I’m going to be talking about making the start of the school year fun! Can you say parties, gifts, and back to school traditions?


Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.

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