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July 16th, 2012 at 5:00 am

It’s Not Whether they Win or Lose, its How they Play the Game!

This past weekend the soccer season came to an end for our family. After 10 weeks of practices and games it came down to this weekend,  the annual Soccer Saturday tournament. All teams started fresh and could go all the way to win a medal. This is our third year in the tournament, but it was different this time.

Both boys were in the tournament and several of their games were at the same time which meant my husband and I splitting up to cover various ends of the park. My younger son, Connor, is in the lowest age range  that plays two games just to be part of the action.  They don’t count wins and loses, just play to play. His favorite part of the day was getting his hair colored.

My older son, Ian, was playing in the actual tournament for a medal, which brings me to the next difference.  Ian was playing to win, so he could advance. This meant it was much more intense this year. In previous years he played in the age range that Connor was in. Ian also had to play several more games than in previous years if he advanced.

As a parent, I think I felt the pressure more than my son. After a season of tremendous improvement and teamwork I wanted them go all the way. But, I learned a huge lesson from watching the grace with which my son handled it all. He never had nerves, unlike myself who had a sour stomach the whole day. I loved to watch him smile just from having fun with friends playing soccer. His confidence was overwhelming; he knew his team would do their best and what would be, would be.

The most amazing part was watching him during one of the games when he got hurt. A boy kicked a ball and it came flying at his forehead pretty hard. It hit him and he was in shock, so the ref told him to sit down, which causes an injury timeout. He started crying as the coach helped him off the field and I was worried if he was okay. He sat on the sideline holding a cold juice box to his head. I watched him and saw him cheering for his other team members after a while and knew he was okay. After the game I asked him if it really hurt and was that why he was crying. His response, “No, I was sad that they had to take me out of the game.” He truly loves soccer and playing with his friends.

It reminded me that it truly isn’t wether they win or lose……it’s how they play the game!

Kim Ross also writes at  A Little Bit of This and That ~ The Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.


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