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June 12th, 2012 at 6:57 am

Keeping Track of Your Food and Fitness with Fitbit

A couple of months ago, inspired by a woman I met who had recently lost a significant amount of weight, I wrote a post about the website. This site helps you track your diet and fitness progress online or with a mobile app helping you to achieve your nutrition and weight loss goals. It’s a great site that really helps you visualize your goals and monitor your progress.

Since then, I’ve been using a new device, the FitBit Ultra, that takes that process to the next level, by recording your physical activity automatically.

Think of FitBit as a 21st century pedometer, with the technology that not only tracks your steps, but calories burned, distance traveled (no calculating), as well as stairs climbed. It’s about the size of your thumb and is lightweight and easy to wear on your garment, belt, or bra.

The device itself tracks your movements throughout the day, and there’s an LED display that you can read on the go. However, the real benefits come from the companion website/phone app where you log additional activities including workouts, food, sleep and weight, as well as health measurements such as heart rates, blood pressure and glucose. There’s a journal tab where you can record your daily mood, allergies or other info about your general health.

The FitBit dashboard is easy to use and offers many tools to help you monitor and track your diet and exercise program. There’s a large database of food choices, with full nutritional info, as well as fitness activities, with the option to save what you eat or practice regularly as favorites .

Set up is easy. There’s a USB charger that plugs into your pc, which wirelessly syncs with the website when you are nearby so it’s really easy to monitor your progress while you are logging your data. There are mobile apps which sync to the website so you can access your dashboard on your phone.

After wearing the device for that last 2 months, I’ve gotten used to, and enjoy, having a record of my daily physical activity. And I admit, I like getting the emails congratulating me for distance or stair climbing milestones. I’m not very diligent at logging my food or sleep or weight, but I really like using this device. At $95, it’s a bit pricey, but certainly less expensive than a gym membership for the long term. I like to think of it as my electronic personal trainer that works 24/7 to motivate me towards results.

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