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March 30th, 2012 at 5:00 am

Best Spring Shoes for Moms

I once tried to use the excuse to my husband of needing more shoes because “my feet are the root of my body and need to look and feel pretty.” Yeah, he didn’t buy it. You can’t blame a girl for trying!

I grew up the daughter of a shoe lover! I mean my mother absolutely, positively loves shoes. It’s her “thing.” You know how we all have a thing, right? I remember as a little girl sitting in her bedroom just playing with her shoes, I thought they were the most prettiest things on earth! High heels are her shoes of choice, anything with a heel! And, beyond that… I will never forget that with every new season, she would buy a pair a new pair of shoes. I’ve adapted to this way of shopping as each new season comes around, and here we were welcoming in SPRING!

My mother and I just went shopping together this past Monday afternoon and we were drooling over the different styles and trends for the upcoming season on the shoe front. Everything is gorgeous and beautiful and fabulous! It’s almost tough to decide what it is that I love the most. The funny thing about motherhood and shopping for shoes is this… as much as I want chic and trendy, I still want comfort, too. I need to be able to do mad-dashes after these 4 boys!

Here are 5 of the Best Spring Shoes for Moms:

(Going from left to right from the top)

1) Flat espadrilles are very in right now. I love the different styles that are offered. I’m such a stripe girl that I gravitated towards these first. I love that espadrilles are chic and trendy, yet absolutely comfortable. It’s essential in a shoe during the warmer months! I love that these can be paired with anything!

2) Color blocking sandals are hot hot hot right now! I’ve talked about color blocking and how incredibly hot the trend is right now. So many women get scared to bring this into their wardrobes, I love to bring it in through shoes and accessories. Look at how fabulous these sandals are!! You could wear this with white capris, khakis, shorts, sundresses! Just summer fabulousness!

3) Wedges are the heel to be wearing this summer. Now, I’m a lover of a heel, so when it comes to spring shoes, I need to find height with comfort. I love a wedge because of the support you get. The heel isn’t wobbly or anything. It’s secure and perfect for wearing around the park or work. I also love the strap reinforcements on the wedges, super easy! This is my personal fave for the spring!

4) Tangerine is the color of 2012, so have some fun with tangerine shoes! I love these strappy sandals because they’re so “trendy” and they’re so cute! I love the mix of pure fashion and comfort. I’m not a huge fan of wearing tangerine on my body, so on my feet… I’m happy with it! Such delicious shoes!!

5) Polka dots are still hot this spring, just like they were through the fall and winter. Not many people love wearing polka dots, so I love to find some clever ways to bring them in. I’ve been seeing polka dot patterns on shoes lately and I LOVE it! It’s so classic and so elegant. I think it adds such a sense of sophistication to a spring shoe!

Audrey McClelland can also be found at, Lifetime Beauty/Style,, and She is also the co-author of The Digital Mom Handbook.

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