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December 28th, 2011 at 5:00 am

Animal Roundup: 2011

It’s been an interesting year in the world of animals. Perhaps most interesting for me has been the opportunity to write about animals every Wednesday (42 posts so far) here on the Garanimals Blog. Here are a few more of the year’s most intriguing animal stories.

January — On a Wisconsin farm, 200 cows are found dead of a suspected bovine virus.

March 10 — Garanimals Blog launches, my first post goes up March 11.

March 27 — Knut, the famous four-year-old polar bear of the Berlin Zoo, dies unexpectedly of brain-related problems.

April — Illinois “miracle” dog found four miles away from home after devastating tornado.

February — Live streaming video of a family of bald eagles in Iowa goes viral after mother bird lays three eggs.

May 4 — US Government removes the grey wolf from the endangered species list.

June 29 — More than 150 mating turtles force officials to shut down runway 4 at JFK. Apparently, this is an annual event.

July 3 — a 70-pound tortoise was stolen from our pet store in the middle of the night. The story made news throughout Chicago area and as far away as Seattle, Florida and Australia. The tortoise was found unharmed the next day.

August — Honey Bun the dog eats $10,00 worth of diamonds from his owner’s jewelry store. The diamonds were recovered when they passed through Honey Bun with no harm to the dog.

September — Willow, a cat who had been missing for five years, is found 1,800 miles away and returned to her Colorado family thanks to a microchip.

October — Sea, a book of stunningly beautiful photographs of ocean creatures by Mark Laita, is published by Abroms Books. Don’t miss this gorgeous edition.

October — Ex-convict Terry Thompson, of Zanesville, OH, releases 56 wild animals from his private zoo before taking his own life. Tragically, most of the animals had to be shot by authorities.

November — Angry Birds, the wildly popular video game app played, achieves its 500 millionth download. Fans reportedly play 100 million hours of the game every day.

December — Russian researchers announce plans to clone the wooly mammoth, which has been extinct for 10,000, by extracting DNA from frozen bone marrow implanting it into the egg of an African elephant.

We can never underestimate the connection between humans and animals. I’m looking forward to exploring more about it with you in 2011. Happy New Year.

Photo credit: Giraffe by Cloned Milkman via Creative Commons license.

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