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November 1st, 2011 at 5:00 am

Snow in October

So here I am once again, sitting at home, with no power. It’s been about 28 hours and who knows how long this could last? It could be days. Daylight is fading. I’ve done all the things that require good light and am thinking that it will be early to bed again tonight.

Seems just yesterday we were in this same predicament. But instead of the rain that Hurricane Irene brought last month, it’s 6+ inches of wet snow that I’m looking at out my window. And yesterday was Halloween. What is wrong with this picture?

I’d like to say it isn’t a big deal, but it’s cold. We’re running low on firewood and I’m getting cranky. The only thing that I am not cranky about is that after last month’s outage, I decided to buy a backup charging device for my phone. And here I am, recharging my phone for the second time so I can fire it up as a wireless hotspot and post this blog.

In the arsenal of survival tool for the involuntary pioneering that power outages bring, my smartphone is the number one device. I can keep up with emails and go online to look at the utility company outage map. I can also check Facebook and see who else is suffering as well as see what official updates my state senator posts from the state and local government. I can also check for news from my local online newspaper.

So it was an easy choice to invest the $40 to buy a New Trent portable charging device. It works like a charm. Once you charge it up, it can provide you with multiple recharges of your smartphone, and other devices. It’s about the size of my phone, comes with a little felt pouch and two phone adapters. There are many other choices too. Just search for the right one for your devices. Check Amazon or NewEgg for options.

The first time I used it was in the airport a few weeks ago. The day was long, my flight was delayed, and my battery was hitting yellow. Usually that means hunting down a free power outlet somewhere in the terminal (easier at some airports than others). But this time I just pulled out my charger, plugged in my phone and got back to reading my book. What a relief.

Being without power gets old so quick. The only upside is that this time I don’t have to find a friend who has power or go driving around so I can charge my phone. I can sit right here next to the fire and get this done. At least until my laptop battery goes. And the firewood runs out.

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