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July 15th, 2011 at 5:00 am

A DIY Pedicure (it can be done!)

With 4 little boys, something’s gotta give.  Usually it’s my toenails.

When I lived in NYC, I would go every other week and indulge in a manicure and a pedicure.  It was my one indulgence.  Not to mention, even though apartment prices in NYC are sky-high, a quick mani/pedi was only $22 at the salon I went to.  No joke.

Oh… times have changed (a good change).

Their names are William, Alex, Ben and Henry.

Now with working from home and trying to keep up with the boys and their schedules, finding ME time is something of the past.  But with the summer here, it’s nice to have pretty toenails… you know, a fashionable treat!

My problem is, I’m pretty much booked up from 7-9PM!  If only there was a nail place near me that stayed open past 9PM! But there isn’t, so instead of spending money on my toes (and trying to find the time), I’ve been giving myself pedicures lately at home.

Truthfully, I cannot believe I have never done this before… DIY pedicures are super easy and relaxing.  I kind of think I thought it was going to be much more work, and it really isn’t.  I just have 6 steps.

How to give yourself a Pedicure at Home in 6 easy steps!

1. Soak your feet.

Get a great big bowl, fill it with warm water, add some Epson salt (and optional: your favorite scented oil) and dip your feet on in! Keep them soaked for 10-15 minutes. Personally, I love to pop the bowl in front of the TV and just relax while my toes soak.

2. Exfoliate

After 10-15 minutes, slowly take your feet out of the warm water and dry them off thoroughly. Take each foot and begin to exfoliate with a pumice pad. Concentrate on getting your heel and the ball of your foot. You will actually feel the difference pretty immediately. As they do when you get a professional pedicure, take some scrub and gently massage it on your calves and ankles, it will feel so good (and smell delicious!). *You can still be doing this in your TV room, just make sure you have a towel underneath your bowl.

3. Moisturize

Once your feet and legs have been thoroughly rinsed and dried from the exfoliating, take some cream and lather your toes. Rub the cream in so that it’s moisturizing your feet and leaving them soft and smooth. This is my favorite part!

4. Trim those nails!

And then the trimming begins! Take your nail clipper and trim your toenails to your desired length.

5. Cuticles

You can purchase cuticle softener in any drug store, take this and squeeze a small amount over each of your toenails. This will soften the cuticle and make it easier to push them back before you polish. If you have a cuticle push stick, you will need this right now… and gently push back the cuticles.

6. Polish away!

Find your perfect color and start polishing! I recommend 2 coats and then a top coat.

Your toenails will look beautiful and you will have saved time and money… !

Audrey McClelland can also be found at MomGenerations.comLifetime Beauty/Style, and She is also the co-author of The Digital Mom Handbook.

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