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June 22nd, 2011 at 5:00 am

Stuffed with Stuffed Animals

It all started predictably enough with the birth of my twins — the parade of stuffed animals that arrived two by two. We got pink and blue bears (our last name is Bearman), twin monkeys, even a pair of matching storks from famous pickle company. Our insurance agent sent us small twin bears wearing company logo t-shirts.

A mere six months later, my husband bought a pet store and our fate was sealed. Every birthday, every holiday, every special occasion saw another pair of stuffed animals climb aboard our family ark. Is it any surprise that when our second son was born five years later that we decided to name him Noah? And when his brother, our youngest, arrived just 16 months later, the stuffed animals again arrived in pairs.

I’m not a heartless mom. I know that all young children need some kind of transition object, a lovey to help them through the dark night or difficult days. The twins never actually played with any of the stuffed animals. Perhaps there were just too many of them.

Our middle boy, however, is affectionately known as “Bear” in part because his stuffed animal of choice is of the Winnie-the-Pooh variety. His three favorites (shown here) are Pooh, New Pooh and Pooh Buddy, a tiny little bear for when you need some comfort but don’t want anyone else to know.

Our youngest boy went for the stuffed rabbits. His trio (shown here) includes Honey Bunny, Bunny Honey and Baby Bunny. If you look closely you will see that each bunny has suffered an attack from our late dog, Roscoe, who seemed to have a thing for stuffed bunny hands and arms.

Here’s my problem. The four children in question are now all teenagers and have amassed a collection of hundreds of stuffed animals. With the exception of their very special friends, the rest of the menagerie has been relegated to four huge laundry baskets in the basement. I have planned a garage sale for later this summer, but the children are adamant that we must save every single animal. I suppose I should be grateful that at least stuffed ones can’t reproduce.

Something has to give, or I’m afraid we’ll be nominated to appear on Hoarders. I’ve begun to do my research and have found that many charities accept gently used toys, so I’m going to clean these stuffed animals and sneak them out of the house the way they came in — two by two.

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