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May 17th, 2011 at 4:00 am

Do You Google Doc?

Have you tried Google Docs yet? If not you should give them a try. The suite of products offered in Google Docs is a free, easy and really useful alternative to Office.

Here’s how it works. If you’re a Gmail user, then just click on the Documents link at the top of your Gmail home page. If you’re not, then go here. You will need a Google account (not the same as a Gmail account, just a free account that lets you take advantage of all of the Google products) to sign in.

Once you’re in the Google Docs home page, you can create a document, spreadsheet, presentation or form using the Create New button. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Office products, it’s pretty easy to create your documents and use the tools and menu items to design and format them.

Keep in mind that for heavily formatted documents and complex spreadsheets and presentations, the Office products are still the best, but for everyday docs, Google Docs have a distinct advantage. Here’s why.

Any document that you create can be shared with others for collaboration or just viewing. I use this feature for working with colleagues and the ease of use is a real plus. These are also great when working in school and volunteer committees. No more attaching docs to emails, and worrying about revisions and saving under a different version and all that headache. Once you’ve given someone share privileges, they can edit the document freely and you can check out the changes by watching them work on it in real time, or checking the revision history to see what changes have been made. And if you are working on it together, you can conduct a chat to discuss the process. It is so easy and so efficient!

You can also upload your existing documents into your Google Docs space. Different options allow you to convert to the Google Docs format or keep in their native format. The beauty of using the Docs product is that your documents are now available online from any web enabled pc or tablet. So any device becomes your workstation.  That is powerful.

Goodbye flash drives. Welcome to the cloud.

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